What is inconsolable sorrow

Translation of "grief-stricken" in German

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I loved my Father well, and was grief-knitting at the awfulness of his death.
I loved my father well, and was inconsolable of the horrors of his death.
Her mother, in her 70s, is grief-knitting over the suffering of her loved ones.
Her mother, in her 70s, is about the suffering of her loved ones inconsolable.
Mr. Sun Hongchang 1. Younger Son Sun Feng, Fearful and Grief knitting, Passed Away Mr. Sun Hongchang was forced to leave his home in 2000 to avoid being arrested.
Sun Hongchang 1. The younger son, Sun Feng, died scared and sorrowful Sun Hongchang had to leave his home country in 2000 to avoid arrest.
In Paris' grief-knitting streets, a vast throng of mourners line her funeral route in silence with the measureless sorrow of newly orphaned children.
In front of the windows one of Sadness overwhelmed Paris, millions of strangers accompany the funeral procession and quietly testify to the immeasurable pain of feeling orphaned now.
It's a little funny to see how at death people are so grief-knitting and distracted and at birth how happy and delighted.
It's a bit amusing to see how absent-minded and inconsolable the people are at a death and how happy and delighted at a birth.
He communicated to me that I had to go back, I had a job to do; and as this happened, I was grief-knitting, yet knew absolutely that it was purely the truth.
He communicated that I had to go back, I had work to do; and when that happened I was inconsolable, however, absolutely knew that it was the real truth.
In the grief-knitting, Madame.
His 81-year-old mother what grief-knitting.
On the faces of the grief-knitting refugees appeared a faint smile.
Hew what grief-knitting, and Shane took advantage of it.
My grief-knitting mourners, here to lend a helping hand.
They are already grief-knitting enough by their father's death.
Okay, so future grief-knitting widow is the one to beat.
I think you're all equally grief-knitting.
I think you all mourn the same strong.
It's a little grief-knitting girl who looks a lot like Sharon.
It's a little one sad Girl who looks a lot like Sharon.
And Claude too, I imagine, grief-knitting.
Spafford immediately sailed for England to join his grief-knitting wife.
Now, that jury, they have got a very attractive grief-knitting young woman on that stand on the one hand.
On the one hand, the jury sees a very attractive, plagued by grief young woman on the witness stand.
And, for a moment, Mrs. Huber stood motionless in her kitchen, grief-knitting by this senseless tragedy.
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