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Small tattoos: 9 beautiful ideas and their meanings

Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time? But are you still unsure and don't want to have half your body painted right away? Then it's best to start small.

If you like your tattoo and the fact that you are tattooed, you can go for more. If not, you still have a subtle memory that won't cause you too much trouble. However, anyone with a tattoo will likely tell you that the first case is more likely to happen.

What is the benefit of small tattoos?

Mini tattoos not only look awesome, they also fit inconspicuously into any look - even if your style changes completely again.

In addition, small tattoos are easier to hide if the occasion demands it. Another advantage: A small tattoo is a great test balloon to see how tattooing feels for you.

Inspiration for bigger tattoos

What do tattoo motifs mean?

In addition to the very individual meaning that a tattoo has for you, various symbols and motifs have traditional meanings for which they stand.

Of course, if the well-known statement of a motif doesn't match your individual reason for getting it stung, that doesn't have to stop you from wearing it anyway. But when choosing, it can't hurt to know the meaning.

What are good subjects for a tattoo?

Oh there is plenty. So that you can orientate yourself a little on the wide field of tattoo motifs, we have compiled the most important and well-known motifs. Here you will find a collection of the most beautiful mini tattoos and their meanings - so let yourself be inspired by (k).

1. What are dream catcher tattoos?

This variant looks airy, light and discreet. Dream catchers are imaginative motifs with many finely playful design elements that leave you room for individual design.

Originally dream catchers come from India. They are designed to improve the quality of sleep by having good dreams penetrate the intertwined web and bad dreams getting caught in it. Because the motif for a mini tattoo is already quite large, it looks good on flat areas of the body such as the costal arch or upper arms.

2. What do anchor tattoos stand for?

The anchor symbol is one of the oldest tattoo motifs in the western world and still one of the most popular - especially with women. There are many ways to get an anchor. But regardless of whether it is true to detail or more graphically, the meaning remains the same: It is the symbol of loyalty and hope.

3. What do wave tattoos mean?

They stand for strength and purity. Water is one of the 4 basic elements and is vital for us. Ancient cultures believed in the power of water and waves to wash away and cleanse negatives. The wave also symbolizes power and life itself. Surfer girls often stick this tattoo on their ankles to show their love for the sea.

4. What is the point of world map tattoos?

They are popular with travel fans. When you travel, you collect moments, experiences and adventures. Regardless of whether traveling the world is your #lifegoal, or whether you have already collected a lot of stamps in your passport, the world map stands for openness and curiosity. The crook of your arm offers the perfect surface for this beautiful motif.

5. What is the meaning of flower motifs?

Above all, they are very pretty and decorative. Blossom, twig or small bouquet? Flowers look very feminine and are a great motif for the first tattoo. But there can also be individual reasons behind this - and traditional meanings. Just as the rose stands for love and passion, almost every flower has its own meaning. So be sure to check what your favorite flower stands for beforehand.

6. What do lettering say?

Of course, that depends primarily on the content of the word. Is there a word you would use to describe your approach to life? Or do you love the lyrics to a very special song? Or is there perhaps a quote that accompanies you on your life path?

There are countless possibilities for a lettering as a tattoo. You can expand it with small personal details. Tell your tattoo artist about your ideas. The more of your own inspiration you bring with you, the more individual the finished tattoo will be later.

But be careful: some terms and numbers have meanings in certain circles that you may not want to carry around with you. The same applies to characters in foreign languages: You should do some research first.

Beautiful tattoo sayings

7. What do heart tattoos stand for?

The heart is the symbol of love and passion. A small heart tattoo is perfect for getting it done with a loved one. It looks quite inconspicuous, but it can be very important - depending on who you are getting it with or for whom. Something different and more artistic than the symbolic heart: the beating organ as a symbol for life itself.