Cyclists can be punished for exceeding the speed limit

Catalog of fines April 2020 : Driving ban from 21 kilometers per hour too much

Motorists should be more considerate of cyclists and pedestrians - this is how the aim of the new traffic regulations can be summarized. On Tuesday, April 28th, an amendment to the Road Traffic Act (StVO) will come into force.

Car sharing and electric cars should also benefit from this. On the other hand, anyone who drives too fast, unauthorized use of an emergency lane or obstructs others must be prepared for tougher penalties. And a certain violation will also be more expensive for cyclists.

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"The new rules strengthen the weaker road users in particular," said Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer on the side of the ministry. "We create more protection for cyclists and advantages for car sharing and electrically powered vehicles."

Scheuer singled out a new rule in particular: "And from now on, everyone who blocks the rescue alley will be punished more severely."

Rules for protecting cyclists:

  • Stopping on bicycle protection lanes - i.e. painted cycle paths on the street - is forbidden from now on. Until now, holding was allowed for up to three minutes. Penalty: From 55 euros - in serious cases up to 100 euros and one point in the register of fitness to drive, ie in "Flensburg".
  • In streets with a cycle path, parking at crossings and junctions is prohibited at a distance of eight meters from the intersection of the lane edges - otherwise it is five meters.
  • When overtaking bicycles, pedestrians and electric scooters, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies in urban areas and two meters outside of urban areas. Until now, only a “sufficient” distance was stipulated.
  • Trucks over 3.5 tonnes have to drive at walking pace when turning right if pedestrian or bicycle traffic is to be expected. Penalty: 70 euros and one point.

[With the data journalistic project "Radmesser" the Tagesspiegel is committed to a more bicycle-friendly transport infrastructure. For example, the data team checks whether drivers are maintaining the minimum distance of 1.5 meters when overtaking cyclists.]

Rescue lane, no overtaking for cars only - other new rules:

  • In the future, signs can indicate a no-overtaking ban, which only prohibits cars and other multi-lane vehicles from overtaking.
  • The unauthorized use of an emergency lane is now punished in the same way as not creating an emergency lane for emergency vehicles. There is a risk of fines between 200 and 320 euros, a month's driving ban and two points.

Stricter rules for speeders:

  • In urban areas, from now on, 21 kilometers per hour are more than permitted to collect a month's driving ban - in addition to a fine of 80 euros and one point. Out of town it is 26 km / h, unlike before, the driver's license can be gone for a month the first time. So far it was 31 km / h in town and 41 km / h outside.
  • Driving too fast is also more expensive. In and out of town, the possible fines double up to the 20 km / h mark. Up to 10 km / h too fast there is now a risk of 30 euros in urban areas, up to 15 km / h 50 euros and up to 20 km / h 70 euros. Everything remains as it is. Outside of places it is now 20, 40 and 60 euros.

Higher fines for parking offenders

  • Parking on sidewalks and bike paths now costs 55 instead of 20 euros. If someone is disabled or endangered, it becomes significantly more expensive - up to 100 euros - and earns one point.
  • Parking and stopping in the second row was previously punished with 20 euros, now it is 55. With disabilities, endangerment or even property damage, it becomes more expensive - up to 110 euros, here too there is a point.
  • Parking in a parking lot for the severely disabled will in future be punished with 55 euros, previously it was 35 euros.
  • Penalties for unauthorized parking in narrow or blind spots are increased from 15 to 35 euros, if others are hindered by this up to 55 euros (instead of 35).
  • Parking when there is no stopping is also becoming more expensive: instead of up to 15 euros, up to 25 euros are incurred, with disabilities of others and longer than an hour it can be up to 50 euros - instead of the previous 35.
  • General offenses when parking, for example if the parking meter expires or the parking disc is missing, will be punished with at least 20 instead of the previous 10 euros, and depending on the duration, can cost up to 40 (instead of 30) euros. In general, disregarding the stopping ban can be punished with 20 instead of 10 euros, if the disability is 35 instead of 15.

Further increases in fines

  • Anyone who takes the right of way when turning or does not let others pass must expect 40 instead of the previous 20 euros. If someone is endangered, the possible fine doubles from 70 to 140 euros, in addition to the point, there is now a one-month driving ban.
  • Not paying attention when getting in and out can also be more expensive - 40 instead of 20 euros are possible, with damage to property 50 instead of 25 euros.
  • The illegal use of sidewalks, bike paths on the left or hard shoulder or traffic islands by vehicles is punished with 55 euros instead of up to 10 euros - depending on the severity of the case, it can also be 100 euros instead of the previous 25.
  • “Auto-posing” is when you drive back and forth unnecessarily and annoy people with noise and exhaust emissions. The fine for this is increased from up to 20 euros to up to 100 euros.
  • It is becoming more expensive for cyclists to ride unauthorized on the sidewalk: 25 instead of 15 euros are charged, with a risk of 35 instead of 25.
  • Disregarding entry bans for certain weight classes and vehicle types or all vehicles - i.e. the white horizontal line on a red background - can be twice as expensive: 40 instead of 20 or 50 instead of 25 euros.

    [More on the topic: StVO amendment brings additional traffic signs - these new signs are in road traffic]

What else will change:

  • The green arrow at traffic lights now also applies to cyclists on a cycle path or cycle lane. A separate green arrow that only applies to cyclists is also possible.
  • In addition to bicycle streets, entire bicycle zones are made possible in which a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour applies and bicycle traffic must neither be endangered nor hindered.
  • The new icon enables car sharing vehicles to have priority parking. Unauthorized parking there can cost 55 euros. A new badge on the windshield can identify such shared cars.
  • A new symbol can mark parking spaces and loading areas for cargo bikes.
  • It is also made clear that separate parking areas for electrically operated vehicles can be marked with a symbol on the roadway. Unauthorized parking there can cost 55 euros. (dpa)
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