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Vienna city area 2019 - key geographic data

Geographical key dataSize / locationArea of ​​the urban area41,487 haLength of the city limits136.5 kmNorth latitudefrom 48 ° 07 '06' 'to 48 ° 19' 23 ''Eastern lengthfrom 16 ° 10 '58' 'to 16 ° 34' 43 ''Extension north-south22.8 kmExpansion west-east29.4 kmSea level - lowest point (Lobau)151 mAltitude - highest point (Hermannskogel)543 mElevation - Stephansplatz171 mNorthernmost border pointabout 1,400 m northwest of the former post office in Stammersdorf,
Border point 60 in the cadastral community
Stammersdorf (21st district)Easternmost border pointabout 700 m north of the Gänshaufen traverse,
Grenzpunkt 176 in the cadastral community
Kaiserebersdorf-Herrschaft (22nd district)Southernmost border pointabout 370 m southwest of the "Guardian Angel Cross"
in the cadastral community Unter-Laa (10th district)Westernmost border pointWesternmost corner of the Lainzer Tiergarten Wall,
about 1,000 m northwest of the
"Old Dianatores" (13th district)Tallest structureDonauturm in Donaupark (22nd district) with 252 mTallest office buildingDC Tower 1 (22nd district) with 250 mTallest residential buildingNew Danube high-rise building (22nd district) with 150 m