What makes President Trump fun

Trump pinch face and steam vent - the craziest articles on the ex-US president

Fortunately, Donald Trump's presidency is over. During his tenure, he has accumulated tons of crazy fan articles and strange products that online retailers also want to make a few dollars with. Here is an overview of products that can be found on the Amazon marketplaces, among others.

Trump quotes game and blow off steam with the ex-president

Trump's split relationship with truth, reality and the media is well known, as are his barely comprehensible statements on Twitter. The "Trump News Game" by Bubblegum Stuff takes up this topic: The players should guess whether the quotations mentioned really come from Donald Trump - or whether they were fictitious. Example: “I like to take advice from China - but only when it comes to how to build a wall.” The game is said to cost 12.85 euros and has a rating of 4.4 out of five stars. And fake news Trump is not alone: ​​there is also a version of the quotes game from his British colleague, Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Letting off steam - mostly via Twitter - was one of Trump's hobbies. Users can now use this for their kitchen as well - with an attachment for saucepans and the like. The Trump attachment guides the emerging steam through the presidential intestine into freedom and is intended to protect the kitchen cabinets from moisture and mold. "Impress guests and friends with how you have brought your pressure cooking to the next level", advertises the provider Yolococa. Price and rating: $ 9.99 and 4.2 out of five stars.

Terrifying and stinky: Trump mask

The ex-president was terrifying in many ways - so it makes sense to offer a carnival or Halloween mask in Trump style. Such masks often come from Chinese suppliers, which sometimes leads to poor quality: Users complain, among other things, about the “terrible smell” and only award three out of five stars. That probably makes the mask as unwearable as Donald Trump. Nevertheless, one of the providers tries to save everything in the product description for customers: "Warning: You are about to transform yourself into the 45th President of the USA, to buy a latex mask that restricts your vision, smells of latex, and makes you sweat brings. In short: full fun guarantee! "

Maximum contrast: T-shirt with Trump and Kennedy

Let's get to the extremely cheeky things: Hardly two former presidents are as far apart in their social perception and impact as the old republican divider Trump and the democratic icon and everybody’s darling John F. Kennedy. But for the person who is a fan of these two antipodes in a parallel universe, there is a T-shirt with a picture and signature of the two, peacefully next to each other. “Two great presidents from the USA,” says the description. For 16.99 euros there is the contrast manifested in fabric: fittingly, the piece is also made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester.

Mount Rushmore fake with Donald

The US memorial Mount Rushmore is considered a shrine of democracy. The famous heads of former important US presidents have been carved into the mountain: George Washington (1st President), Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence), Theodore Roosevelt (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) and Abraham Lincoln (Abolition of Slavery). According to Trump's self-assessment, he should also belong to this ranks - and Trump admirers can order such a work: Provider Generic sends the mini-fake Rushmore home for the desk for 149 US dollars. Important and mentioned in capital letters: MADE IN THE USA! “Hasn't this country suffered enough?” Says an Amazon reviewer. It is unclear whether he means the product or the past presidency.

Trump to chew: That's why dogs are mad at the ex-president

The 45th Mr. President is likely to have exhausted the emotional spectrum of many people around the world. So it is only logical that Trump is now helping people - and animals too - to deal with their feelings. Dogs, for example, can let out their bite force on the squeaky Trump-style chew toy by Fongke. Cost: $ 14.98. The provider also calls for public Trump bashing: "If the dog chews or bites this Donald toy, you can take photos or videos to share on social platforms." Dogs are also allowed to have a chicken or trump anyway plucking: The ex-president was the first public official in 120 years not to bring a pet into the White House.

Trump face for emotion management

Another highlight at the end: Anyone who has always wanted to grab the constantly provocative ex-president in the face correctly and quickly without being prosecuted by the Secret Service has the chance: With the "Squeeze Acne Toy" from Einsgut. The idea (?): The user heats up wax, fills it into the face with an enclosed pipette and can then symbolically express pimples for Donald Trump. The meaning? “It can calm you down quickly, relieve your pressure and find a great solution.” To be had for 12.39 euros: You could be there at least something semi-substantial coming out of Trump.

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