Is trust associated with intimacy


Intimacy and passion are fundamental components of a lively partnership. We perceive intimacy as an individual state of deep familiarity that only the partners feel with one another. If the state of deepest intimacy is violated by one of the partners, this can leave emotional wounds and the trusting basis of the relationship is put to a strong test.

Physical intimacy

Physical closeness is linked to emotional contact. In addition to sexuality, other forms of physical intimacy can create bonds between a couple. The partners would like to touch each other, they hold hands, lean against each other, the partners massage each other, hook each other during a walk, keep touching each other unconsciously and they hug and kiss each other to greet and say goodbye. These are all important rituals. Their frequency may decrease over time, but these rituals still provide important support. Caresses, kisses and caresses are intimate acts and signal love to the partner. Prostitutes generally don't allow kisses because they're too intimate. In one-night stands, on the other hand, the sex partners get closer physically, but there is no intention of establishing emotional physical intimacy. Purely sexual intimacy can consist of petting and all forms of sexual activity. Only the sexual partners define the framework.

Partnership: too much and too little intimacy harm the couple

Many researchers and research directions have already dealt with the topic of "intimacy in a couple relationship". The various studies showed that both too much intimacy in the form of closeness and too little of it can damage the partnership. When the couple are too close, attraction can decrease. Actually logical, because if the partners live around the clock in a state of complete intimacy and are also constantly physically close, they can no longer get dressed. Then it helps if the partners do something separately and the distance ensures the lost tension. On the other hand, it can be just as problematic when the couple has too few intimate moments. There is then the risk that the partners will drift apart - especially if sexuality falls by the wayside as a result. Then it helps to consciously turn to your partner again and talk to them about their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

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