Have you ever lived by a freeway

Old age seat - Dresdner Autobahnhuhn Gerda now has a new home in Nickern

Huhn Gerda spent several weeks on the A4 motorway between the Altstadt junction and the Dresden-West triangle. The hen, who called the median of the A4 her home, only narrowly escaped accidental death several times - she ran across the lane without regard for losses and in disregard of any traffic regulations. Playing with death made her a local celebrity.

The Dresden police published this photo of Huhn Gerda in her self-chosen home on the autobahn. Source: Dresden Police

On Tuesday, however, the fun was over. Marco Müller from Rippien started his very private chicken rescue operation and carried Gerda with a skilful grip from the median to the trunk of his seat. After a short interlude at the motorway police station on Stauffenbergallee, the officers handed the death-defying hen over to Yvonne Heine. The animal rights activist went looking for a place to stay for Gerda.

If someone is looking for a sanctuary for runaway chickens, there is no getting around the Mosch family from Nickern. “We never planned to keep chickens in our garden,” explains Romy Mosch. Gerda is now the family's third protégé. The hen Frida, also a motorway chicken, and Gockel Glubschie are already living in the domestic chicken coop with underfloor heating - but it is over with four, says Mosch.

“Overall, Gerda makes a good impression,” says Heine, describing the hen’s health. "She is very trusting, has beautiful plumage and shows no signs of ever having lived in a battery." Although she is a bit narrow around the chest, she survived her highway adventure unharmed.

After the handover, Gerda immediately inspected her new home and let her daughter Minou Mosch pet and feed her. Only the young Gockel Glubschie stepped out of line and first set the pecking order with the hen, which is almost twice as tall. It was a bit lewd - much to the amusement of the neighborhood children and journalists who were present.

The tomcat Fetty also has no problems with the feathered trio. After sniffing the new roommate, Gerda put him in his place and ran away. Fetty is only interested in sleeping and eating anyway - chickens are too exhausting for him, says the Mosch family. One thing is certain for Romy Mosch: “If the owner should come forward and slaughter Gerda, I would not give her up. It's far too beautiful for the saucepan. ”After all the adventures and the limelight, nothing stands in the way of the cheeky hen for a pleasant retirement.

By Paul Felix Michaelis