What are some good lgbtq adult writers

Unfortunately, because this is still a minority in the offer, you may not even know some of these pieces of jewelry. This is why the following list may be worthwhile: 17 series and films with complex LGBTQI * characters - from classic films to insider tips. (Texts: Kim Ziegler)

1. "All about my mother" (film, 1999)

What? The single parent Manuela loses her son in an accident and starts looking for his father, who knows nothing about his son and who now lives as a woman. In Barcelona she meets old friends and a lesbian actress who - Warning, spoilers - played a role in the death of her son.

Where?Can be bought and rented via Amazon Prime.


2. "Blue is a warm color" (film, 2013)

What? Adèle begins to discover her sexuality at the age of 15 and falls in love with Emma after a few missteps. The two have a passionate relationship, but they also have to go through some problems.

Where? Streamable on Sky.

3. "Brokeback Mountain" (film, 2005)

What? Ennis and Jack spend the summer of 1963 looking after a flock of sheep and fall in love. A common future is very difficult for both of them because they live in the middle of a conservative US province and as cowboys at the time had to conform to the rigid ideas of straight masculinity.

Where? Streamable on Netflix.

4. "Call Me By Your Name" (film, 2017)

What? Italy, 1983. 17-year-old Elio spends the summer with his parents in the country. The 24-year-old Oliver is also there for six weeks to help Elio's father with his research. Initially, the mood between the two of them is cool, but an intimate relationship quickly develops that questions the teenager what he thought he knew about his sexuality and also shapes the grown-up Oliver.

Where?Streamable on Sky.

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5. Dallas Buyers Club (film, 2013)

What?The homophobic main character Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) treats himself to the "good" life with drugs, alcohol and sex. Then he learns that he is HIV positive and that he doesn't have much longer to live. In search of a drug, he got involved in a relationship with the transsexual Rayon and founded the “Dallas Buyers Club” with her so that other affected people could also be supplied with medication. Based on real events.

Where?Can be bought and rented via Amazon Prime.

6. "The Danish Girl" (film, 2015)

What?The film is based on the true story of the Danish intersex painter Lili Elbe, who was probably one of the first intersex people to have sex surgery. It all began when his wife Gerda, also an artist, wanted to paint her husband Einar as a woman. Then it becomes clear to Einar that he feels born of the wrong gender - and wants to live as a woman - Lili.

Where? Streamable on Sky.

7. "La mala educación - Bad education" (film, 2004)

What?At the door of film director Enrique, Ignacio, who pretends to be an old friend, suddenly thrusts an autobiographical script into his hand: It is about their childhood in a boarding school, where Ignacio gave himself up to a priest. Years later, the two meet again: Enrique is unhappily married and Ignacio is a transvestite who calls himself Zahara and has some secrets from Enrique. The two become a couple and pick up the script again ...

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8. "Love, Simon" (film, 2018)

What? Protagonist Simon is a schoolboy, gay and unouted. Through a Tumblr page from his high school, he comes into anonymous contact with another gay classmate and the two start writing to each other 24/7. Then Simon forgets to log out of his e-mails at school.

Where?Streamable on Sky.

9. "Moonlight" (film, 2016)

What?Chiron grows up with his drug addict mother in a problem area. He begins to discover his sexuality when he falls in love with his best friend. Chiron's story is told in three chapters. "Moonlight" was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won in three categories.

Where? Streamable on Netflix.

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10. "Orange Is The New Black" (series, 2013)

What? The main character Piper is bisexual, engaged to a man and has to be in a women's prison for 15 months. There she meets her ex-girlfriend, among other things, and gets to know many different women from all social classes, some of whom are also bisexual or lesbian.

Where? Streamable on Netflix.

11. "Pose" (series, 2018)

What?The series shows the New York ballroom scene in the eighties. The focus is on the trans women Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista, Elektra Abundance and Angel Evangelista. It's about swank, extravagance, the fear of AIDS and everyday life. It is particularly noteworthy that the majority of the actors are transsexual in real life as well.

Where? Streamable on Netflix.

12. "Pride" (film, 2014)

What? The families of striking miners in a small Welsh village are suddenly supported by the gay and lesbian group "LGSM". The queer community is initially met with strong rejection in the conservative village. But both sides are slowly approaching.

Where? Streamable on Amazon and Sky.

13. "Queer as Folk" (series, 2000)

What? "Queer as Folk" is an American series about five gay friends. Together, Brian, Justin, Michael, Ted and Emmett have to deal with everyday worries such as love and relationship problems.

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14. "Tangerine L. A." (film, 2015)

What? Transsexual Sin-Dee Rella was in jail for 28 days when she is released and learns that her boyfriend and pimp cheated on her with a "real" woman. She sets out to confront her boyfriend, which ends in an adventure in Hollywood's transgender scene.

Where? Streamable on Netzkino.

15. "Transamerica" ​​(film, 2005)

What? The transsexual Bree lives in Los Angeles and saves every penny so that she can afford the last surgery that will finally turn her body into a woman. Then she unexpectedly receives a call that she has a son - from the time she was still a man. The boy is in trouble. Bree doesn't want to know anything about him, but her therapist won't allow her the last surgery until she meets with her son.

Where?Streamable on max cathedrals.

16. "Transparent" (documentary, 2005)

What? The title is made up of “Trans” and “Parent”: 19 men who were born in the body of a woman tell of what it was like to have a child. Above all, the aspect of how the children perceive their biological mother's transsexuality is examined.

Where? Can only be bought and loaned.

17. "XXY" (film, 2007)

What?Alex is intersex. Unlike other intersex people, their sexual organs were not adjusted at birth. Her mother would like to have the operation done and invites a surgeon friend and his family over. Then Alex falls in love with the family son and things take their course.

Where?Streamable on realeyz, Filmmit, Netzkino.

With "IDENTITY" Noizz.de launched a new video series in July 2019. She wants to show people who, despite social headwinds, stand by themselves uncompromisingly. People who fight for their identity - and who have the courage to show themselves exactly as they are.

The first episode with trans * woman and YouTuber Raffaela Zollo is already online, followed by episodes with rapper Kex Kuhl (about depression) and model and YouTuber Mario Adrion (about his asexual tendencies):


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