What's coming just after Friday

In short: 'Will decide on easing on Friday'

The dispute about further openings escalated on Saturday. After Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) conferred with the governors of Tyrol and Salzburg on Friday and promised further easing, Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) put the brakes on and it squeaked.

"Dispensable". Mückstein publicly criticized the Chancellor's announcements as "expendable" and "far too early". In an interview with AUSTRIA, he says: "Announcements shortly after the first easing came into force are causing confusion." The cautious doctor wants to look at the effects of the current opening first and make a decision "on the basis of forecast data" in a week at the earliest.

Decide on Friday

Kurz now increases the pressure on the Minister of Health. In a broadcast, the Chancellor made it clear that the next opening steps would be decided on Friday.

"The fact that the seven-day incidence is 50 for the first time since last September is very gratifying and shows that we are heading in the right direction," said Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in a report. "As the federal government, we always act under the principle of 'As much freedom as possible, as much restriction as necessary'. This strategy in combination with the regional measures and massive testing has proven itself. Currently, all parameters in the fight against the pandemic show in the Right direction. While the incidence and number of infections are falling steadily, the number of people vaccinated is rising faster than expected. It is particularly important that the number of hospitalized people is falling sharply and this development shows that the vaccination is working.

The next round of voting between the Federal Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Minister of Health, Minister of Tourism, governors and experts will take place next Friday in the Federal Chancellery in order to decide on the further opening steps in June and July.

Numbers are falling significantly

Spread across the federal states, the lowest seven-day incidence is in Salzburg with 18.1, followed by Burgenland with 34.6. In third place is Lower Austria with 40.7.
Districts. The district with the lowest incidence is currently Waidhofen an der Thaya with 7.8. In second place comes Oberpullendorf (13.4), followed by Schwaz with 16.6.
242 patients are in the intensive care units


Relaxation. The situation in the hospitals is also slowly returning to normal. 679 patients were looked after on Saturday, around 28 people less than the day before. The number of intensive care patients increased by eight people to 242. Nevertheless: compared to the previous week there are 79 seriously ill fewer.
Has the pandemic already been defeated? Virologist Dorothee von Laer says on oe24.TV: “Thanks to the vaccination, we are on the way that it will soon be under control. We learn to lead a normal life with Corona. "