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The safest travel destinations in the world
The US travel magazine "Forbes Treveler" has determined the safest travel countries on the basis of various studies and statistics. For example, the UN crime study, the Mercer ranking system (a WHO study to determine the quality of life in a country), the rice warnings from the US State Department and climate-relevant factors (risk of natural disasters) were evaluated as evaluation criteria.

The 10 safest travel destinations in the world
Ireland According to a recent study by the WHO, Ireland is home to the most peaceful people in Europe, at least when it comes to violent conflicts. Verbally, on the other hand, things get really intense in some pubs in Dublin, with the F ... word being heard very often.
Iceland Iceland is known for its very high standard of education in the population, the Icelanders are also very friendly and the crime rate is low.
Switzerland According to a study by the WHO, the so-called Mercer Ranking, three of the five safest cities in the world are in Switzerland. Living in Bern, Geneva and Zurich is particularly safe and the crime rate in the rest of Switzerland is also very low.
Cyprus Because of the relatively stable economic situation, the very good education system, exemplary family values ​​and a low crime rate, Cyprus is one of the safest travel destinations in the world
Mauritius Mauritius, along with the Seychelles, is one of the countries in Africa with the lowest crime rate. Due to its further north, some pirate attacks have unfortunately been registered off the coast of the Seychelles in the recent past, which is why the Seychelles did not make it into the list of the 10 safest travel destinations in the world.
Aruba, Bonaire, Curracao The Dutch Caribbean Islands, also known as ABC Islands, are known for their foreign-friendly, multicultural residents with a low crime rate. Due to their southern location in the Caribbean, these islands are largely spared from natural disasters caused by hurricanes.
United Arab Emirates / DubaiThe United Arab Emirates are (still) characterized by a particularly stable economic and social stability and the crime rate is very low, especially in Dubai. The low crime rate is probably also due to the fact that in Dubai and other cities in the Emirates (e.g.) public life is almost completely monitored by thousands of cameras.
The risk of becoming a victim of a criminal offense in Dubai is very low, but on the other hand there is a risk that tourists unconsciously disregard one of the many strict laws of the UAE, and thus easily come into conflict with a law enforcement officer.
Bhutan According to a GNH study (Gross National Happiness by The Center of Bhutan Studies), the residents of Bhutan are among the happiest people in Asia, which is why the crime rate in the small kingdom in the Himalayas is very low.
SingaporeThe small island state off Malaysia is known for its strict laws and the very law-abiding population, and Singapore is largely spared natural disasters thanks to its geographical location.
Due to the strict laws in Singapore, tourists run the risk of coming into conflict with a law enforcement officer through unconscious disregard of a law.
New Zealand New Zealand is one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world and its geographical location means that New Zealand is virtually spared from natural disasters.


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