Can subliminals reduce body size

Tall women: when height becomes a burden

"Giraffe" or "Giantess" - teasing in puberty

If you have grown over the head of your classmates at a young age and developed early as a girl, teasing is often inevitable. Especially during puberty, children are confronted with common gender images. This is very stressful for girls of an above-average size, because during this time, like everyone else, they begin their self-discovery phase. They want to be like their friends or like role models from film and television and emulate beauty ideals. Even at an early age they develop the view that feminine is a woman who is small and delicate. Because of their larger than average size, many girls feel excluded and different. Often they are overwhelmed with their size and feel boyish and lanky. On the part of adults, tall children and adolescents are often treated differently: Many usually appreciate them older and also have higher expectations of tall teenagers.

When healthy girls go under the knife

Many girls shoot at their friends when they are children, and later also beyond their parents. In the documentary "Tall Girls", the author Edda Baumann-von-Broen accompanies some young girls and shows them how to cope with the above-average size. The documentary also tells the story of two twelve-year-old girls who receive treatment because of their size. While one girl is on medication, the other girl even has an operation to prevent further growth. However, the medical brakes on growth also harbor some risks. Thrombosis, weight gain and possible problems with a later pregnancy are just some of the possible consequences.


So it depends on the size - shopping as a tall woman

In a world with standard sizes, the search for suitable clothing is a torture for many women. Women over six feet often hear sentences such as: "You with your long legs can wear anything." But in reality it often looks different. As a tall woman, one encounters all sorts of problems when shopping. Usually it is the lack of length or the choice of shoes. Pants are often too short, with T-shirts the stomach usually remains free and the sleeves of blouses and sweaters are not long enough. Fortunately, there are a large number of shops such as Long Tall Sally or special departments at H&M and Co. that offer collections for tall women. Because of course tall women can dress just as stylishly and do not have to be satisfied with clothes that are too short. Women who measure more than 1.80 m see the world from their very own perspective, are often asked about their size and confronted with it every day. But no woman should make herself smaller than she really is. Even with an above-average height, women can be feminine, attractive and, above all, like themselves.