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International and national parcel tracking

Regardless of which online shop or marketplace you bought the goods in, with our package tracking service you can always track the entire order process to your doorstep

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a shipping and delivery service that is intended to complement existing providers such as UPS, Hermes and DHL. It offers 7-day, same-day delivery options. To make this possible, numerous third-party logistics partners are used across the country, including hikers, cyclists and motorcyclists in some areas. Read More


Amazon ( is the world's largest online retailer. Has localized online stores in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, etc.. Amazon parcel tracking.

Hermes shipment tracking

When shipping with Hermes, Hermes parcel tracking is always included. So you can always see where your parcels are at the moment and how long it will take to get them to you. If you want to track your Hermes parcel, you can simply enter the Hermes consignment number (order number on the parcel label) on and see the current status. If you want to query the status of several parcels at the same time, you use the associated receipt number for the query. With Hermes Live Tracking and the Hermes parcel announcement, you can find out exactly when the parcel carrier is expected to arrive for up to two hours.

DHL Tracking

Shipping with DHL is inexpensive, fast and always reliable to addresses within Germany and to 210 countries worldwide. In Germany alone, DHL operates 20,000 branches and sales outlets. In addition, there are 2,500 Packstations and 1,000 parcel boxes available to private and business customers.

You can see the current status of your parcel in the DHL online portal. Whenever they are moved, the barcode is recorded and the current shipment data is loaded into the system. The parcel status: "The shipment has been loaded into the delivery vehicle." means that there is a high probability that the package will be delivered on the same day

DPD shipment tracking

DPD is a national and international parcel and express shipping service provider with headquarters in Aschaffenburg. You can see the current delivery status of your parcel in the online portal of Parcel Tracking DPD. As soon as it is handed over to the delivery service, it is saved in the live overview. Whenever your shipment is moved, the barcode is recorded and the current shipment data is loaded into the system. So you always have a good overview of where your parcel is and when it will get to you.

German postal service

With the shipment tracking you can track your parcels and see the estimated time of delivery. For tracking, simply enter your shipment number above and the current status will be displayed in the package tracking. In the next step you will receive all the important detailed information about your package. If you are not at home, you can use the package services of your choice to adjust the delivery date or location according to your needs.

With DHL Paket shipment tracking, you can keep an eye on the status of your shipments at all times.

GLS parcel tracking

With the GLS shipment tracking you can track the process online at any time. To do this, simply enter the GLS shipment number or the GLS track ID, which is on every notification card, on the GLS website and view the information about the delivery. For example, you can see the expected delivery day and the action GLS has just carried out. Parcels within Germany usually reach their destination within less than 24 hours. GLS delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours

UPS tracking

In the case of the UPS (United Parcel Service) tracking system, similar to other package delivery agents, a UPS tracking number is assigned when the package is posted at the UPS location or when it is picked up by courier. The package ID can be entered on the UPS website and the status of the UPS shipment can be determined.


Track orders from with order number or tracking number. Our service will find information about your ASOS order. Orders are usually shipped via logistics companies WNDirect and TRAKPAK, read more about Order Tracking.


Zalando is a European e-commerce company based in Berlin. The company pursues a platform approach and offers fashion and lifestyle products to customers in 17 European markets. Zalando shipment tracking.


eBay is a US multinational e-commerce company that enables consumer-business sales through its website. eBay shipment tracking.

Lidl is a discount company based in Neckarsulm in Baden-Württemberg. Lidl currently operates over 11,000 branches in 29 countries and is the largest discounter in the world in terms of the number of branches. shipment tracking.


H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish company, the largest clothing retailer in Europe, with headquarters in Stockholm and New York. H&M tracking.

Track your parcels, regardless of whether they are from DHL, Hermes, DPD, GLS or UPS. With ParcelsApp's shipment tracking, you can query the parcel status from almost all parcel services.

Online shopping continues to show a strong boom, according to the relevant statistics websites, 70% of all Germans order goods on the Internet, a good 12% of all goods purchases (the equivalent of a good 14 billion euros) are already processed via the Internet and, at first glance, a very dominant share of just under 88 % in stationary retail is dwindling more and more. With the increasing number of shipments and delivery promises like with Amazon Prime, even the best logistics service providers are sometimes reaching their limits. If you want to be sure where a parcel is, you will find so-called shipment tracking on the websites of all major logisticians, with which, depending on the provider, the location of the delivery vehicle can be tracked live via GPS even after the shipment has been picked up from the transshipment center.

Track your shipment with just one click!

With Parcels' shipment tracking, you can query the parcel status from all parcel services. Simply enter the shipment ID, select the delivery service and find the shipment.

Track international parcels

So that parcels abroad can be tracked across borders, they usually receive an international parcel number (so-called UPU Code; Universal Postal Union). This parcel number appears for international parcels in DHL shipment tracking in the "Foreign shipment number" line. UPU parcel numbers always begin with 2 letters, followed by a series of numbers, and at the end again 2 letters with the identification of the sender country follow (see illustration). You can use this international tracking number to track your package on the website of the postal company in the destination country.

Note: Foreign packages of private parcel services (eg Hermes, UPS) do not receive a UPU code. In addition, DHL is establishing its own delivery networks in more and more countries, such as in Austria. When shipping DHL parcels between Germany and Austria, the parcel number remains unchanged because there is no change of transporter at the national border.

How online parcel tracking works

Parcel services such as DHL, Hermes, GLS or DPD scan the parcel's barcode at various transport stations. When a parcel has passed such a scan point, the location and time are saved and can be viewed via the shipment tracking. As a rule, the data is only visible in the online parcel tracking with a delay of 1 to 2 hours.

At the sender, order data is recorded - so-called target data - which is required for the transport and transmitted to the parcel service. This information is recorded in electronic form and can already be accessed by the recipient at this point in time. During this process, the parcel or shipment is provided with a barcode. This can be used to identify the package item during transport through the sorting stations. This data, which is recorded during the dispatch, is also stored electronically and can be called up at any time. The data transmitted to the electronic system during the broadcast is recorded in real time. For this reason, these are also available to you as recipients in real time. This enables the recipient to see, among other things, how far away the package is from the receiving address. An approximate delivery time can also be derived from this. Above all, shipment tracking plays a major role in the case of parcels or shipments that have not been delivered. In this way, if parcels are lost, it can be traced from which point in time the barcode was no longer recorded by the sorting stations.

On the one hand, the parcel services have built-in scanners in the parcel handling centers. These are attached directly to the conveyor belts and read the package label while the package is channeled through the sorting system at high speed. On the other hand, there are mobile hand scanners that the parcel drivers carry with them. This is used to confirm the delivery or delivery of a package, for example. The recipient's signature can also be saved using the hand-held scanner's touchscreen. Modern hand scanners, for example from GLS, also have a built-in camera that can be used to photograph damage to the package. While the stationary scanners in the parcel depots feed their data directly into the shipment tracking via a dedicated line, the hand scanners rely on a mobile data connection. The hand-held scanners connect approximately every 1 to 2 hours via a mobile Internet connection with the central computer of the parcel service and transmit all parcels delivered up to that point. Returns or undeliverable parcels are also recorded in this way and noted in the shipment tracking with the corresponding status.

The status does not change, what does that mean?

If the status does not change within 1-2 days, it is possible that your shipment has simply not been scanned and will still be delivered on time. Here you usually have no choice but to wait and see. The costs of the hotlines can be saved accordingly, since you have to wait for the delivery time of the respective service provider (1-3 working days). If the status has not changed after 1 week, you should contact the sender or the respective service provider as soon as possible, as it is possible that your package has been lost. Here, too, you shouldn't panic, usually the package is found after the report (wrong sorting, is overlooked in the vehicle, etc.). Unfortunately, it is also possible that the package can no longer be found. In this regard, there is usually a regulation of the damage value.

What is a tracking or shipment number?

A tracking or shipment number is a unique package number that can be used to track a shipment. This is a combination of numbers and letters, which e.g. exactly identifies your parcel for tracking. The consignment number can be 10 to 39 digits long and should be given to you by the sender.

I don't have a tracking number, what should I do?

The consignor / seller should give you the tracking number. If you haven't received one, it is worth contacting the sender again. Of course, it is also possible that your parcel was sent uninsured, in which case you will unfortunately not be able to track your parcel.

When will my package arrive?

"When will my package arrive?" Is the question most people who order from an online shop ask themselves. Often there is no or insufficient information from the operators themselves.

Just because a package does not arrive on time does not mean that it has been lost. Before you get in direct contact with the seller of goods or the transport company, you should first look online to see whether the shipment tracking that all major providers offer as standard for parcel shipping can find out where the parcel is. For this purpose, the so-called tracking code / shipment number can be entered online on the website of the transport service provider. Incidentally, this shipment tracking is not available as standard for parcels or letters

Tracking sometimes inaccurate

Please note that a package can be transported on without it being visible in the shipment tracking. Some intermediate stops are concealed in the tracking. For example, the regional delivery bases are missing in DHL tracking. In the DHL shipment tracking, for example, the processing in the destination parcel center appears as well as the information that the shipment will be transported to the delivery base. In reality, the package may have long since arrived at the delivery base. Because it is not displayed in the tracking, it cannot be recognized as a customer.

At Hermes there are similar phenomena with so-called subcontractor depots. Parcels are processed there before they are loaded into the delivery vehicle. Subcontractor depots are not displayed in Hermes tracking.

Rule of thumb: The shipment tracking always shows the last place where a package was processed. Just a few hours later, the status can be out of date and the package can be found elsewhere. In modern sorting centers, parcels hardly stay longer than 2 to 3 hours. Because parcels are not scanned everywhere, or not all scans appear in the tracking, the shipment tracking is not a 100% reliable indicator to determine the location of a package loss.

Is your package stuck?

If the status in the package tracking does not change and you suspect that your package has been lost, please contact the responsible parcel service or the local parcel depot. Please have the parcel number ready and the postal code of the sender and recipient ready before you call.

What is shipment tracking?

The name says it all: shipment tracking is all about following the path of a parcel from start to finish. It is made possible by the advanced technology of the 21st century. The logistics companies that are responsible for delivering parcels have come up with a sophisticated system for tracking consignments and implemented it flawlessly.

In every new processing center that a shipment passes through on its journey to the recipient, the parcel number is automatically recorded by electronic devices. The registered data is then transferred to the shipment tracking system, which you can access online.

How can I track an order?

Most online shops send an email after the goods have left the provider's warehouse with a direct link for tracking or a shipment number under which the shipment is registered with the transport service provider or the forwarding agent. Some providers such as Amazon offer completely internal tracking. For companies that place great emphasis on customer service, there is sometimes a hotline available that relieves the customer of the search for the package.

Important note: In most cases, the order can only be tracked once the goods have been handed over to the sender. The shop / retailer receives a tracking number in advance, some of which is forwarded to the customer immediately. If you enter this number before the package is on its way, the tacking system may not output any data. Regardless of this, most tracking systems or the export to the web interface do not work in real time. This is not an indication of the loss of the package. It often helps to check again a few hours later.

Why Track Orders?

  • Tracking can be used to determine whether the sender has already dispatched the goods and handed them over to the shipping service provider. The sender is not automatically to blame for delivery delays, sometimes dealers have oversold the goods and no longer in stock, which also leads to late deliveries.
  • Many order tracking sites allow a rough estimate of when the consignment will arrive at the recipient. This allows you to plan your own presence at home or at the delivery location for important shipments. Some logistics companies even offer live tracking, with which the current location of the delivery vehicle and the estimated time until arrival can be continuously tracked.
  • In the case of longer delivery delays, it is possible to determine where the shipment last appeared. Particularly important, e.g. for deliveries from abroad, to determine whether the shipment is hanging in customs. Even in the rare event that a shipment is lost, it is easier to understand where the shipment might have disappeared.
  • When the deadline pressure is high, the drivers are happy to hand the shipment over to the neighbor without leaving a notification in the mailbox. If the neighbor does not answer by himself, you may be waiting for a package that has been delivered nearby for a long time.
  • Especially with forwarding agents, as long as the delivery is not already on the way, you can change the delivery date or the time window for delivery via the order tracking page or save a telephone number that the driver can use to announce his arrival shortly in advance.

Is my package still there today?

Parcels that are not loaded into the delivery vehicle by late morning no longer arrive on the same day, with the exception of shipments with special priority or courier shipments. If the shipment is already on its way with the deliverer, this can be seen from the shipment status or the message in tracking, here are some of the most common:

  • DHL: The shipment was loaded into the delivery vehicle.
  • Hermes: The shipment is in the process of being delivered.
  • Hermes: The show went on tour.
  • GLS: The package was loaded onto the GLS delivery vehicle.
  • DPD: In the vehicle for delivery.
  • Amazon: The shipment is being delivered.
  • UPS: Will be delivered.

Can every shipment be tracked? Who is liable in the event of loss?

No, there is no tracking option for letters, consignments or parcels that are sent nationally. Exceptions are letters from abroad, which, depending on national customs, are sometimes provided with numbers for tracking. The lack of a tracking number or proof of posting does not mean that the form of dispatch is less secure, letters are not lost more often than parcels. This fact only becomes relevant in the worst case, whereby the shipping risk for online orders from commercial sellers does not affect the customer but the shop operator. The so-called transfer of risk, the point in time from which the buyer is liable for damage or loss, does not take place until the handover to the buyer (this also includes the dropping of a letter). For this reason, most providers basically send all shipments by parcel, with the exception of low-value goods.

What are the special features of forwarding deliveries?

Particularly bulky or heavy goods such as furniture, large electrical appliances, lawnmowers, carpets, pre-assembled bicycles, etc. are usually sent by forwarding agency. The process is similar to that of parcel services, only that an exact delivery date or a delivery time window is usually agreed. Unless special delivery conditions have been agreed, a forwarding agent always only delivers to the so-called curb, the goods are usually packed on pallets and unloaded on the sidewalk in front of the house. If you want a delivery to the place of installation, i.e. the apartment, the cellar, etc., you have to book this in advance. For this, hefty surcharges are often due, as other staff are required in addition to the driver. With a little luck, nice words and a small tip, some drivers can also be motivated to carry the goods to the installation site with the customer.

What are the special features of orders from abroad?

Chinese online shops such as Shein or platforms such as Aliexpress are enjoying increasing popularity, and orders are increasingly being made from other European countries in times of lower shipping costs. Tracking is a bit more difficult, which is related to the process. The dealer hands over the goods to the local consignor. The sender has to deliver some of them to customs, after approval he receives the consignment for delivery. The shipment is loaded and brought to Germany. Here, the goods are either processed by the shipping company itself (e.g. when ordering with delivery by parcel service such as DHL, Fedex, UPS) or handed over to the Deutsche Post (e.g. when ordering via China Post), before further processing in the domestic customs takes place in some cases. If a service provider does not take over the entire supply chain, you may have to use two tracking systems, e.g. China Post and DHL for parcels from China that were not sent directly via DHL.

While order tracking works brilliantly and promptly in Europe, it is often pure luck for deliveries from far abroad. China Post in particular sometimes needs many days to update the tracking, sometimes it breaks off, and occasionally shipments in Germany even arrive at the recipient before the tracking even spits out data. Therefore, when ordering from the Far East: keep calm, wait. Incomplete data or an unknown shipment number do not automatically indicate problems. If a shipment has been stopped at customs to clarify details (no value of goods specified, no calculation of import sales tax and / or customs fees possible, suspicion of brand counterfeiting, doubts about the declaration of the content), you will receive a letter from the responsible customs office / main customs office after a few days and may have to open and pick up the package there in the presence of the officials.

How exactly does the shipment tracking work?

You are now in the picture about the basic principle of tracking and tracing at the latest. But how exactly does parcel tracking work? What happens where - and how? The answers to these questions about shipment tracking first relate to the parcel service and then to the addressee of the shipment, i.e. you.

Every logistics company has so-called parcel handling centers or parcel depots. Parcel shipments are sorted there and literally directed in the right direction. For this purpose, they pass conveyor belts that are equipped with built-in scanners. While a parcel is now whizzing through the respective system, its sticker with the barcode is scanned for tracking purposes. Each scanner is directly connected to parcel tracking via a dedicated line. In this way, the data (time and station) are immediately transferred to the online area, where you can track your shipment.

As an experienced recipient of parcel shipments, you certainly know that the courier is always on the move with a hand scanner. The modern device is used to confirm delivery. The customer's signature is saved on the scanner's touchscreen - be it the actual addressee or a neighbor who is kind enough to receive the parcel for the former when they are absent and to hand it over later.

This detail can then also be called up in the online shipment tracking: with innovative hand-held scanners such as those from UPS, immediately, with “conventional” models one to two hours later. This is due to the fact that classic hand scanners rely on a mobile GPRS or UMTS data connection in order to transmit the fresh data and facts for shipment tracking to the central computer of the parcel service. New types of devices, on the other hand, are permanently linked to broadcast tracking.

Note: Of course, returns or undeliverable parcels are also recorded in this way. The corresponding status appears in the shipment tracking.

What information does parcel tracking contain?

Even if the design of the shipment tracking varies from service provider to service provider, they all integrate the same information. If you track your package you will discover:

  • general information about the shipment (shipment number, weight, destination zip code)
  • the expected delivery (day, date and possibly also a time window)
  • the shipment status in graphic form (with the help of suitable icons such as a delivery truck, etc.)
  • the shipment history as text (date, time, location and status)

Track a shipment: How long does it take on average for a package to be delivered?

You can usually reach standard parcels within Germany within one to two working days. For (high) additional fees, you can choose express delivery. In this case, the shipment will arrive the next day, provided the package is posted on time. Check the status in the shipment tracking!

Shipments to or from other EU countries (plus Switzerland) always take a little longer, usually four to seven days. Several weeks have to be taken into account for a package transfer between Germany and non-EU countries or other continents. Here too, the (international) parcel tracking will keep you up to date.

Tip: Various tests for shipment tracking suggest that DPD, GLS and UPS are particularly fast suppliers, followed by DHL. If the package is delivered by Hermes, you may have to check the shipment tracking a little more often before your order arrives.

Note: The average number of parcels per household and year has risen continuously since 2010. At that time there were 23 parcels, in 2016 it was 38. An end to the flood of parcels does not seem to be in sight. At the same time, the logistics companies have difficulties in finding new employees. No wonder, after all, the job of a parcel delivery is very difficult to manage (in the truest sense of the word ...). In view of these circumstances, the service providers should be left behind if a shipment arrives a tad later than announced. And: if you track your parcel, you will at least not miss any status changes.

What can I do if my package doesn't arrive?

Delivery delays are rare, but possible. If your parcel does not arrive at the expected time, it may be stuck in one of the parcel service provider's logistics centers for an extra day. With the large number of broadcasts, a little chaos can arise. But: You can see where your parcel is in the shipment tracking. So there is no need to worry.

Tip: If the status in the shipment tracking has not changed after three days, you should contact the service provider.

Track parcel: What do I do if my package is lost?

If the parcel service provider is not able to determine the current location of the parcel after you have contacted us, you will unfortunately have to assume that it will no longer appear. However, that happens very rarely. Every logistics company is liable up to a certain amount - DHL around 500 euros.

Tip: If the value of the shipment exceeds the amount of liability of the parcel service, it is advisable to send the parcel insured. Although this is associated with a considerable additional price, it is the only sensible option for emergencies.

What shall I do if my package is damaged?

There are careless people everywhere, including in the postal service. This is why package contents that are damaged during transport by careless behavior are nothing completely unusual - even if these are of course exceptions. If the defective or broken product is based on careless handling of the package by the service provider, you will recognize this by striking "injuries" (such as strong dents, large cracks, etc.) on the package. Photograph the damaged areas - both on the packaging and on the product. Use these pieces of evidence to contact the shipping provider.

If, on the other hand, the outer and inner packaging looks solid, a mistake on the part of the seller or product manufacturer can be assumed. In this case you have to contact them, not the parcel service.

Attention: Contact the respective company within seven days of delivery. Otherwise your entitlement to a new product, the transfer of the money or compensation for damages will expire. You can read how the individual logistics companies handle such a problem in the detailed articles on the various parcel services.

How does international shipment tracking work?

You basically track an international shipment in the same way as a national parcel. You only have to visit the service zone of the international shipment tracking of the respective logistics company. There you enter the foreign shipment number (UPU code - Universal Postal Union). This is revealed through a corresponding “announcement” and also through its design: It is made up of two introductory and two leading letters and a row of numbers in between. The leading letters form the identifier of the sender country (e.g. DE for Germany or AT for Austria).

Note: International parcel tracking is only possible with official providers such as DHL. With private service providers like Hermes, this part is not part of the service.

Tracking letters instead of parcels - is that possible?

Yes. Not only can you track a parcel, you can also always stay up to date with regard to a letter - but only with a few logistics companies (DHL) and only with certain types of letters, which are each associated with a surcharge:

  • Track your shipment by registered mail
  • Track the shipment with an express letter
  • Track the shipment with a value letter national
  • Track the shipment with a national cash on delivery letter

Details on the letter variants can be found in the specific guide on DHL shipment tracking.

Track parcel: will my parcel arrive today?

For the impatient, shipment tracking is of course a hit. Simply go to the website of the responsible logistics company, where you can track your package. You don't have to go to Google for tracking. It’s faster if you select the required service provider via the categories of this portal and use the direct link integrated there. Without further ado, you will be directed to shipment tracking and can make your request.

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