Has your wife ever caught you masturbating?

Caught masturbating

You have discovered a satisfaction guide on the internet and are about to try it out.

(((Satisfaction instructions

Well you horny;)

What you need today is the following:

- Big mirror

- clothespins

- towel

- ice cubes

- dildo or vibrator

- You ;)

First you have to get rid of your clothes. )))

You immediately do what it says there and tear your clothes off your body. You watch yourself a little in the mirror, you love to rock your big, firm tits in your hands and to knead them with relish.

You watch yourself a little in the mirror, you love to rock your big, firm tits in your hands and to knead them with relish

After you've done that, stand in front of your large mirror and continue to follow the instructions.

(((When you have done this, move your hands to your hot tits and pinch both nipples, then lick both. Then you massage both tits vigorously with both hands.)))

You start pinching your cold nipples and licking both like your life depends on it. Then you massage your monster tits, moaning softly.

(((Are you already wet? If you are still not, then you are now alternating between your horny hole and your tits as a punishment.

If you are already, you will now attach the clothespins to your standing nipples and moan loudly because the pain feels so hot. )))

Following the instructions, you attach clothespins to both nipples, and indeed, the pain gives you a little kick. You feel how your cunt juice runs out of you down your legs. You run your hands to your wet pussy and caress your clit, with the other hand you put two of your fingers into your cunt and satisfy yourself until you are finally about to come.

(((Next you ram your dildo / vibrator very deeply into your cunt and rub your clit until you come.)))

You lie down on your bed, you are guiding your vibrator into your pleasure grotto, you are massaging your pearl with devotion, when suddenly the door of your room opens and your sister is standing in the door. You sitting naked on your bed, with your vibrator in your cunt, and massaging your pearl.

"Oh God, can't you knock? You can't just-", your sister abruptly stops you speaking by kissing you on your full lips.

You cannot react in surprise and stiffen up, but your sister does not let go of your lips. After a while, you return the kiss to your sister and a little later you are kissing hard, sucking each other's tongues. You break up briefly to tear your sister's clothes off her body as well and continue to smooch unrestrainedly.

"I heard your moaning and immediately got all wet, I want you to lick me and fuck me anally with the vibrator until I come." Your sister demands of you, and you do what she says immediately.

You distribute small love bites all over her body and finally arrive at your sister's pussy, start to lick it passionately. You take your vibrator and ram it into the asshole of your horny sister, who immediately groans loudly. You suck on her clit and push the vibrator in and out of her, in and out until she comes screaming your name out loud. You suck her pussy empty and then you lie down with your cunt on your sister's face so that she is in the 69 position. Your sister understands and starts sucking on your cunt and sticking two fingers into your horny hole and fucking you with them. You do the same with hers, you lick and finger each other until you both come sweating and you lie down next to her, breathing heavily.

"That was so cool, we have to repeat that", you give of yourself and your sister confirms this by kissing you.

Nobody ever found out about that day.


How did you like it my horny readers? Have you got wet / stiff or even come? Let me know in the comments;)

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