Is Melania Trump similar to Donald Trump

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  • Are they doing each other a favor with their appearances as a married couple?

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  • A tragedy! Melania and Donald Trump play marriage - but the facade is crumbling, as these pictures and GIFs showNov 2020

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  • Donald Trump's advisor Hope Hicks tested positive for the coronavirus. On Tuesday she was on board Air Force One. The US president then had himself tested - he also has the corona virus.Oct 2020

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  • There was a close relationship between the Trumps and Michael Jackson. According to an anchor note, the singer joked that he wanted to make the entrepreneur jealous with a kiss scene between him and his wife.March 2019

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  • With a clip including a naked model that looks very similar to the First Lady, the artist T.I. a controversyOct 2018

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  • US actor Peter Fonda has proposed in a tweet to the American President's son Barron Trump an encounter with pedophiles in a cage.Jun 2018

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  • Axl Rose attacks Melania Trump - he imputes her to a dark past as well as the former by fraudulence of the immigration permit to the USAMarch 2018

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  • Waiting for the woman, treading a path together - sounds like a matter of course. Not for Donald Trump. He's really excited to hand over his present to the Obamas and storms forward.Jan 2017

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  • Trump and Melania danced their first dance to Frank Sinatra's “My Way” and thus convey a clear message.Jan 2017

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