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Fascination Everest

This morning I got a Whatsapp message from Tekumar: "Many many greetings from Nepal, now we are in Lukla with wonderful guests."

The first active vacation ... more »

Season start in Nepal

At last! We have waited so long for this, we are allowed to travel to Nepal again! The land of the highest mountain in the world, magical, mystical, with a unique attraction. More soon"

Where can you go this spring with Aktivferien AG?

The current situation around the coronavirus presents us all with challenges. What is tried and tested is no longer safe and plannable. Nevertheless, we would like to provide an initial overview for ... more »

Warm welcome in Nepal

I am finally allowed to visit this wonderful country again and am warmly welcomed by our “Active Holidays Nepal” team. The borders with Nepal are now open again after ... more »

Finally back to Nepal!

They exert a magical attraction. At some point we want to see them with our own eyes, the Himalayan giants in Nepal. The country does not only impress with the highest mountains ... more »

Securing the way in the Everest area by the Sherpas

Maybe it's just a drop in the bucket. What our Sherpa guides have achieved at the Cho La Pass, however, is great and a ray of hope for them. The whole ... more »

Spring tours into the distance

Every year spring also lures our guests and mountain guides into the far, wide world. Rhododendron Bloomed in the Himalayas with the white ice giants, the awakening of spring in the ... more »

Spring season preparations Nepal

The spring season will start again in Nepal in two months. Rhododendron forests bloom up to 4000 m, in the background the bizarre six, seven and eight thousand meter high ... more »

Portrait series Active Holidays Local Guides - Lila Sherpa, Nepal

No matter where we are going in this beautiful colorful world - in addition to the beautiful nature far from home, we often also enjoy warm encounters with the local tour guides in ... more »

Goodbye to Mount Everest

The most successful Everest season is coming to an end. Both the Everest Comfort Trekking and the Gokyo - Everest Trekking were more popular than ever before. Five former ... more »

Kings and curiosities in the realm of the thunder dragon

We fly from Kathmandu to Bhutan, past the huge Himalayan massif, which is shrouded in thick clouds. Only a few peaks tower majestically into the sky. I recognize Mt. Everest, ... more »

Season start in Nepal

A culture shock on arrival in Kathmandu, immerse yourself in the city, escape it again soon and reach Lukla with a spectacular flight. And then calm soon returns. ... more »

Path protection at Cho La 5420 m completed

Cho La is the impressive pass that connects the Gokyo Valley with the Khumbu Valley. In good conditions you can see the ice giants and eight-thousanders Cho Oyu, Everest, Lhotse ... more »


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According to the new rules, it is also allowed "Trekking" instead of "Trekking" to write with what "Himalaya Trekking" looks to be used to, but is correct.

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Mount Everest Expedition

Hansruedi Büchi reported live from Mount Everest.
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