Apps are saved on a SIM card

Save contacts on SIM card - How it works

If you would like to transfer your contacts from one phone to another device quickly and easily, we will show you how contacts can be saved on the SIM card.

The transfer is suitable, for example, if you want to use a new mobile phone without registering an existing Google account, but want to create a fresh account. So you can still access known phone numbers without having to synchronize your smartphone with an online account. However, if a contact that is only saved on the SIM card is accidentally deleted, the contact data cannot be easily restored.

Android: Save contacts on the SIM card

To save contacts to the SIM card on an Android phone, you first have to open the Contacts app. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Tap the three bars top left.
  2. Here you can already see how many contacts are secured in the various options.
  3. Choose the option Manage contacts.
  4. Press Move contacts.
  5. Now select the source from which the phone numbers should be moved to the SIM.
  6. All corresponding entries are now selected. You can deselect individual contacts if you do not want to transfer the information.
  7. Then select the SIM card as the destination.
  8. You can now see how many entries are being transferred to the SIM card. Confirm the entry with Move.

If there are other sources in which contacts are stored, repeat the process as described above. Note that some information can be lost during the transfer. in the menu Manage contacts You can also set new contacts to be automatically saved on the SIM card in the future.

Saving contacts on the SIM card: is that possible with the iPhone?

iPhone users cannot move contacts to the SIM card. Users of an iOS device have to manage the phone numbers within the iCloud with a linked Apple ID or use an alternative such as a Google account or Outlook for contact management.

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It is only possible to transfer the data to the SIM card with a jailbreak. With an edited iPhone, apps like SIManager. There is the option "Copy iPhone to SIM", With which all contacts from the iOS device are saved on the SIM card. Only the reverse is planned by Apple. In the settings for Calendar, contacts and email you will find the option to import SIM contacts to transfer all data to the iPhone. The numbers remain saved on the SIM card even after the import.

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