How can soup help you lose weight

Lose weight: Soup and stew are the best diet foods for fall

When it gets cool and uncomfortable outside, we long for warmth, security and delicious food. Anyone who stands firm and continues to nibble on raw food sticks and salads needs an iron will and discipline. Losing weight is now much easier with warming soups, bowls and stews! What to watch out for in the soup diet and what are the best ingredients to shed the pounds.

Soup diet: these are the basic rules

As the name suggests, solid foods are largely avoided during the soup diet and most of the meals are replaced by soups and stews. In order to fully exploit the effects of the vital substances it contains, it is also essential to drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea with your diet; detox variants such as ginger or lemon water also make sense. In this way, the organism is optimally supported in detoxifying and losing weight, all metabolic and fat burning processes are running at full speed.

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Diet food: This is why stews and soups are ideal for losing weight

Provided you limit yourself to low-fat, low-carbohydrate variants that are prepared from market-fresh ingredients and are based on vegetables, herbs and lean meat or fish, stews and soups are the ideal diet food. In addition to a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they provide plant-based fibers that regulate digestion, keep you full longer and keep the blood sugar level in balance. While the vital substances stimulate fat burning and detoxification, the essential fats and proteins support cell metabolism and muscle building. Hot soups and stews not only make you feel better, they also improve performance and concentration, prevent hunger pangs and effectively help you lose weight. Nice side effect: thanks to the better detoxification and fluid supply of the cells, the skin appears cleaner and more radiant, impurities disappear.

This is the daily schedule of the soup diet

In the diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner are each replaced by a soup or a stew, with the most nutritious variant being eaten at lunchtime and lighter soups in the mornings and evenings. You can choose to have some freshly cut fruit on the plate instead of the soup for breakfast; apples, kiwi, oranges or berries are suitable. As a snack between meals, a clear broth made from fresh ingredients or some raw vegetables are ideal.

These ingredients ensure variety and better diet success

Reduced-fat dairy products such as yoghurt, crème légère, sour cream and low-fat quark are allowed to refine soups and stews in moderation, as is low-calorie feta or goat cheese. In addition, the fresh ingredients should be steamed with a few drops of essential oil, such as rapeseed, nut or olive oil, before cooking, so that the vitamins contained can be better utilized. Ingredients rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes, beans, soup noodles and rice as well as saturated fatty acids (from butter or lard) should be avoided.

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These ingredients push diet success

Tip:A clear broth with fresh vegetables, cabbage, herbs, a little ginger and hot spices is considered a particularly effective diet and detox food and, in case of doubt, is better suited than a substantial stew. For the autumn classic pumpkin soup, do without the potatoes and try out unmashed, clear variants. Ginger, lemongrass, curry, chilli and pepper provide variety and stimulate the metabolism. And: Don't rely on the canteen food (hidden calories!), Instead pre-cook larger portions and take the diet soup with you to the office in a thermos.

Inspiration and preparation tips for healthy soups and stews can be found in the corresponding recipe collections.

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