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The disease is still too new to conclusively answer all of the pressing questions. However, it is certain that the coronavirus kills a higher proportion of people who are infected with it than the flu virus. However, it is unclear how many people in Germany and around the world will be infected with the corona virus in the coming weeks and months. Since October 2019, 247 flu deaths in Germany have been confirmed by laboratory technology. In contrast, the three Covid 19 deaths confirmed to date are low. Even more so in comparison to the 2017/18 flu wave, which, according to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, killed 25,000 people in Germany. But no expert can predict with certainty whether this relationship might change dramatically in the next few weeks and months.

After all, after more than 120,000 corona diseases worldwide, the first indications of another question are emerging. A question that is just as relevant for those who may be affected: How do I know if I have Corona? And not from a flu or a cold? Some symptoms are similar, but the data also show that, depending on the disease, certain symptoms occur more or less frequently.

According to an investigation of the first 41 corona cases in China, the specialist magazine Lancet published, all but one suffered from a fever. 76 percent of them had a dry cough. Around half and slightly less than half suffered from shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, which is unusual for the flu. Headaches and diarrhea were significantly less common. Another investigation in the specialist journal JAMA was dedicated to corona patients treated in hospital, especially from Wuhan, where the epidemic began. It also found that up to 98 percent of those infected had a fever and up to 82 percent had a cough. In a smaller group of 18 patients treated in Singapore hospitals, fever and cough were also the two dominant symptoms, another said JAMA-Study.

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Self-diagnosis will not provide final certainty; at best, a test can provide that

Headache and muscle pain, major symptoms of the flu, seem to occur comparatively rarely in corona patients. But shortness of breath and shortness of breath are relatively clear indications of Covid-19. This results from previous studies on the coronavirus. Typical cold symptoms such as runny nose or sneezing play a less important role. Research on corona patients also showed that the disease was milder in four out of five cases. In contrast, the flu often occurs suddenly, and the condition of those affected worsens within a few hours.

Of course, it is important to consider when certain symptoms appear. Has there been any contact with a corona infected person before? A trip to a risk area? Self-diagnosis will not provide final certainty anyway; a test is most likely to provide that.