How does branding influence sponsorship?

Employer branding in sport

Demographic change, a shortage of skilled workers and tough competition are just some of the factors that influence the future of companies. In addition, there are regional peculiarities and migration to metropolitan areas. This makes it all the more important for companies to stand out from the crowd and to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Many tools can be used for employer branding and recruiting. First and foremost, your own website and your own social media channels should be mentioned. In addition, there are the relevant job platforms, job advertisements and certain incentives with which companies try to lure their employees and other incentives, such as home office, part-time etc.

But what to do when companies themselves have no reach or cannot be found online and offline? Then, first and foremost, a lot of effort has to be made to create relevance. This means that the company must convince potential employees that it is the right employer with a comparatively intensive use of resources.

Sponsoring in sport can be an effective tool for employer branding!

Sponsoring in sport has an answer to many questions that recruiters and HR professionals ask themselves. It is therefore not surprising that over 40% of decision-makers use sports sponsoring as a communication tool for their own HR department.

As a specialty chemicals company, we need a highly qualified workforce. So it is important that the Evonik brand is not only known, but that many people also experience it as being particularly likeable. We hear that again and again in job interviews. BVB does not seem to be entirely innocent of this ...“- Stefan Haver, Head of Corporate Communications and Executive Board Office EVONIK INDUSTRIES AG

Recruiting and employer branding campaigns can be implemented very well, especially in an emotional environment such as sport. The sport is initially irrelevant. Often the company is concerned with special target groups, commitment to the location, certain messages etc. It can be the main sponsor or the gang of a football club, the naming right of an entire league (e.g. HBL, BBL etc.), an esports event or just a VIP -Package at an association in the city, where the company can invite employees and organize events. Here the portfolio in sports is limitless and a very good measure to increase awareness and attractiveness of the company.

Sponsoring can therefore be an important lever in employer branding that is still used far too little by companies.