Which mountain range separates Nevada and California

General information: Mount Whitney (4418 m), the highest mountain in the USA outside of Alaska. It is located on the National Park border of Sequoia east of the Great Western Divide. This mountain range runs through the middle of Sequoia and separates the catchment areas of the Kaweah River in the west and the Kern River in the east. On a technically less demanding route, Mount Whitney is usually climbed from the Whitney Portal (2550 m). At over 17 kilometers, the path is (easy) long and overcomes almost 2000 meters of altitude.
Even for day tours there is one for all hikers and mountaineers permit required. There are quotas for hikers who want to stay overnight. Advance reservation is advisable.
Valley location: Lone Pine (1130 m), Owens Valley, California
Mountain railways: No mountain railways. Paved road to the Whitney Portal (2458 m).
Huts: Whitney Hut at the summit. Tent sites.
Difference in altitude: Lone Pine - Mount Whitney: 3288 m
Mount Whitney Portal - Mount Whitney: 1960 m
Ascent: 2 day tour;
If you set off early enough in the night from the Whitney Portal, a hard day tour is also possible. But better than a 2-day tour with an overnight stay in a tent at the Outpost Camp or (better) Trail Camp (3657 m). In the morning ascent to the summit, then descent to the Whitney Portal.
No technical difficulties on the normal route. Especially on the descent, the path seems endless, especially in the lower area between Mirror Lake and Portal, the slope and thus the gain (or loss) in altitude is quite low. Even the steepest area, around 500 meters in altitude between Trail Camp and Trail Crest, is comparatively easy to negotiate with numerous switchbacks.
Access can also be from the west, from the border of Sequoia National Park, e.g. from Giant Forest via the Kaweah Gap and the John Muir Trail to the Trail Crest. Or from Mineral King over Franklin Pass and through Kern Canyon. However, a few days are then necessary for the approach.
Panorama: To the west the countless valleys and peaks of Sequoia with the Great Western Divide, to the east the Owens Valley and behind it the Inyo Mountains.