How is multimedia used in movies

Multimedia production

Multimedia production

A multimedia production is a combination of music (with or without text) with other works such as films or photos on a data carrier (e.g. DVD, BluRay).

Acquisition of music rights for multimedia productions

To the extent that copyright-protected musical works are used in multimedia productions, the corresponding usage permits must be obtained in advance and the license fees must be paid. A distinction must be made between the following areas:

  1. Right of reproduction and distribution
  2. Synchronization or production right
  3. Public performance right
  4. Ancillary copyright law

1. Right of reproduction and distribution

If the author or publisher is represented by austro mechana, the right of reproduction and distribution must be acquired from us. The tariff is based on the intended use, the length of the music content and the number of pieces.

We would like to point out that the rights of reproduction and distribution can also be acquired from austro mechana when using musical works from most archive music libraries. This also applies in the case of commissioned music, provided that these works belong to the repertoire represented by austro mechana.

2. Synchronization or production right
In the case of multimedia productions, the synchronization or production right must first be acquired from the respective author or publisher. The demands of the right holder for compensation for the production right are very different depending on the musical work, intended use, scope of use, etc.

In a written request, austro mechana identifies the music publisher or rights holder responsible for Austria (this request is subject to a fee, whereby costs are only incurred if we can actually name the responsible publisher or rights holder). Please address inquiries to Ms. Karin Schober-Schärf.

3. Right of public performance

  1. In-house, free public performances
    Unless contracts for the payment of the public performance already exist with AKM, you can acquire the right to free public performance in the company's internal area in addition to the right of reproduction and distribution from austro mechana. The fee charged by austro mechana for AKM generally corresponds to a surcharge of 100% of the fee invoiced for the reproduction and distribution.
  2. Other public performances
    For all events other than those defined in the paragraph above, the right of public performance must be clarified directly with AKM or - for events abroad - with the relevant collecting society.

4. Ancillary copyright
If music from a sound carrier (e.g. CD, DVD) is used for the setting of a multimedia production, the ancillary copyright must be acquired from the respective sound carrier producer for the use of the respective recording.

Special cases

For the purposes listed below, the right of reproduction and distribution for individual copies for the purpose of broadcasting / demonstration or archiving does not have to be acquired separately from austro mechana, but is covered by the fee for the synchronization or production right.

  1. TV productions for broadcast purposes (excluding advertising)
    In the case of in-house or commissioned production by a TV station for broadcast on TV, the acquisition of the reproduction and production rights is generally governed by the contracts between the TV station and the collecting societies. If, on the other hand, the TV production is produced by an independent producer for broadcast on TV (independent TV production), this producer is usually responsible for acquiring the rights. In the case of co-productions between TV broadcasters and independent producers, the specific circumstances matter, in particular what was contractually agreed between the parties.
  2. Festival / competition / student / academy films
    Films for use in film festivals, competitions, etc. that are only distributed to a limited audience (jury, press, etc.).
  3. TV, cinema and radio commercials
    Spots for use in TV, cinema or radio. With regard to any further evaluation on video, DVD, CD-ROM etc. see above under economic films (further above).

Notification of a multimedia production

You can register for a multimedia production directly in ourService portal perform.

Please note the information on data protection.