What happened to chocolate malts

Will terrible things happen if I replace some or all of the refined sugar in this recipe with malt extract?

See the recipe: https://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/giant-mars-bar-recipe-milky-way-bar/

I plan to bake a Zero Candy Bar based cake for Father's Day because it's my dad's favorite and they're not always available in stores here.

The nougat in the Zero bar is slightly chocolaty, but has a much stronger malt taste and is also very tough - especially compared to the nougat in a Milky Way bar, for example. So I tried researching different nougat recipes. I've found various chocolate malt nougat recipes made with malt milk powder, but I don't get any of these. My mom is a homebrewer so I actually have powdered malt extract.

I could try the recipe as stated first - to see if it's good enough, but what if I replace some or all of the white sugar with my malt extract? I know they are chemically different, which means they may (will?) React differently to heat, but I can't find a lot of information on how malt extract is used to make candy. Does it have a hardball stage?

The only nougat recipe I could find using only malt syrup / extract says nothing about the resulting texture.

Can someone give me some solid information before I fly into the big unknown melted sugar this weekend?

The more of my protein supply I waste, the longer it will be before I can make macarons again, and this is no joke.


Unfortunately, I don't have anything to add in the form of solid advice, but I'd love to hear how you get on with this project. I haven't had a zero bar in years (didn't even know they were still being made!) As far as malt goes. I've used malt syrup and it works 1: 1 for molasses in recipes just to make the flavor ... maltier? Anyway - good luck and let us know how you are!


Haha Thank you. I had never heard of it until I found one in the store last year. I assumed they were a new thing until my dad got all excited. I found them at an Ingles and a Walmart, both in eastern Tennessee, but only in the temptation aisle next to the register. It literally is. If I don't get any answers, I'll answer it myself when I try it this weekend. XD


Interesting; also home brewers and have a ton of malt extract; It never occurred to me to do anything other than beer. :) Let us know how it turns out.


At this point I think the malt probably has too many impurities, much like molasses, and therefore burns too easily ... I'll think about it for the next 48 hours or so. I'll at least try to cook a little on the hardball stage to see what happens lol. I cannot leave this unanswered. XDDD


I haven't made nougat because life, but I do can say malt extract doesn't like going past 220 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm surprised I got it this high before it started to burn, honestly. Apparently, candy apparently uses pure maltose (malt extract minus impurities), at least in China (?), And these may have candy grades similar to sucrose, but I haven't found many details on maltose usage. Still neat.


I don't know how to replace refined sugar with dry malt extract. I know that, measure by measure, they have very different apparent sweetnesses, protein contents, etc.

You said you had two possible alternative recipes for nougat, one with malt milk powder and one with liquid malt extract. You should be able to make any of these products using dry malt extract.