How do platforms make money

Earning money online: an overview of the most important business models

Earn money online as a part-time job

If you are still studying or just want to earn some extra money on the side, the Internet also offers numerous opportunities.

  1. textwriting
    Requirements: very good writing, knowledge of search engine optimization or social media
  2. Build websites
    Requirement: programming knowledge
  3. Web design
    Prerequisite: training in graphic and web design
  4. Online surveys
    Requirement: none
  5. Become a product tester
    Requirement: none
  6. Become a freelancer
    Prerequisite: training in a special field (marketing, PR, graphics, ...)
  7. Online flea market
    Requirement: none
  8. Trade in stocks
    Prerequisite: knowledge of the stock business
  9. Sell ​​photos to image databases
    Prerequisite: first-class knowledge of photography

Conclusion: Earning money online is difficult

Earning money online is not as easy as it seems. Although there are many new business models and the possibility of reaching customers all over the world due to the internet, the huge competition makes it at least as difficult today to make money on the internet as in the classic offline business. The gold rush days when a new website got a lot of attention are definitely over. Today there is (almost) everything on the net. Finding a worthwhile niche for an online business is like looking for the proverbial needle in a pile. But with creativity, experience and ability you can still earn a lot of money online if you consistently pursue and implement the right idea at the right time. However, the first step in making money online is to do extensive market research as part of a business plan.

Start with the business plan now

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