Businesses really need a Facebook Page

What is a Facebook Page?

We wrote before about why your business should be on Facebook. But for this you also need a fan page! But what exactly is a Facebook page? What is it used for? You can find out all of this in the following post.

Facebook - the extended arm of your company

Have you already created a fan page? If not, you can read how it works here. Facebook is one of the most widely used networks of all - 29 million people between 13 and 65+ can be reached in Germany alone, which is more than half of all German internet users.

The reach of Facebook in Germany as of November 9, 2015
Source: Facebook ad manager

Just to make it clear at this point that it is a company really worth being there. A Facebook page offers a virtual space in which you and your company can appear. Facebook users can share your company like, so click on "Like". If that happens, you have won a fan. The company will then be shown company posts in its timeline that you post. You can access the chronicle by clicking on »Home« or the Facebook logo. Among other things, the contributions of your friends are also displayed there. Every registered user, whether fan or not, has the opportunity to leave something on your wall. Positive feedback, for example - even with a photo or video, can also be combined with text. You can turn this off, but it doesn't make sense. After all, you also want to give your fan the opportunity to get in touch with you.

Basics of a Facebook Page


In order to create a Facebook page, you must be registered as a private person on the platform, i.e. have your own profile (at this point we will write something about the difference between profile and page). From your profile you have the option of creating a fan page. The nice thing about it is that you can now transfer all or part of the work to a third party, such as an external social media agency like us. Because you can assign roles and tasks to other people on your fan page, specifically in the functions of administrator, editor, analyst, moderator or advertiser. If you are friends with the person privately, all you have to do is type in the name. Otherwise, use the email address of your contact.

Profile and cover picture

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You may already know this from your private profile. With a fan page it is also possible to select a profile picture and a cover picture. Sure, on the company's Facebook page, the logo is usually used as a profile picture. The cover picture does not have to be exclusively "beautiful" - it can also contain information about your products and services. This has the advantage that the visitors to your fan page immediately notice important upcoming dates and events. One example of this is our customer, the Chinese restaurant NANKING from Hanover, which, for example, specifically points out the specialty of the house:

The Chinese restaurant NANKING from Hanover is promoting the specialty of the house with the Peking duck (screenshot from November 9, 2015)

If you want to do it this way, you should make sure that the essential message is placed in the middle, as the image on mobile devices will be cut off on the left and right and the message may not be read.

The NANKING offer can also be easily recognized on a mobile device. (Screenshot from November 9, 2015)

Contact information

The contact information includes your phone number, email address and the URL of your company website. And a box for your imprint! This is really a must, otherwise there could be a severe punishment. According to the current legal situation (November 2015), a link is sufficient, which forwards to the imprint on your own website, which in turn must state that this imprint is also valid for the Facebook presence under [set the link to your Facebook page here] Has. (Disclaimer: We make this statement without guarantee. German legislation and the courts bring out new rules every 14 days.)

The info box with the imprint

Administrator benefit

The administrator is the owner of the Facebook page. Several administrators (in short: Admin), you decide when assigning roles. As an admin, you enjoy the benefit of »Facebook Insights«. This is a statistics tool that gives you graphs and statistics on likes, reach, visits, posts, videos and people. This is really helpful, so you can see the development status of your fan page at any time. Here is an insight into the point people:

Percentage of men and women based on the total number of likes on the Facebok page. (Screenshot October 2015 Facebook page geropflueger)

You can use these statistics to determine, for example, whether you are reaching the right people on Facebook or whether you need optimization and should strategically realign your posts.

What does a Facebook page bring you?

Collect hearts

The famous "liking". If you have received a "like" from someone, you can be pleased. Your Facebook page has won a fan. Someone who likes your business or brand and doesn't want to miss any news. Incidentally, the total number of likes is publicly displayed:

The total number of likes is publicly displayed (Screentshot October 2015 Facebook page geropflueger)

If you feel that you have too few fans, talk to us. Definitely not, but buy fans cheaply anywhere on the Internet!

Direct communication

One of the main reasons to have a fan page on Facebook is direct communication with your target group on an equal footing. You have the opportunity to join your fans in a direct To enter into dialogue. Yourself directly entertaining and responding to comments in real time. John Doe left great feedback on your timeline. You should definitely respond to that. A "Thank you!" Can be enough. The personal address is even better: "Thank you, Max!" You can decide for yourself whether or not by surname. (Perhaps you are not sure whether "you" or "she"? Maybe we can help with that.)

Customer loyalty

With a Facebook page you have the chance to retain customers. To do this, however, you first have to build trust. You can work this out with a lot of patience and the direct communication mentioned above.

Advertising opportunities

You can place advertising on your fan page. And that is also tailored to the target group. So you can define who the advertisement should be shown to. Age, educational qualification, married or not, Berlin or Munich? To build on the example of NANKING: The Peking duck can also advertise the restaurant via a low-cost advertisement. The number of users to be reached on Facebook varies depending on the settings. That depends heavily on factors such as location and age. Since the restaurant is in Hanover, that would be sufficient as a location (420,000 people potential range). Restrictions can then be targeted at people who generally like Asian food (12,000 people). These settings prevent you from throwing money unnecessarily out of the window. You can find out more about ads on Facebook here.


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Local businesses on Facebook can be rated in many cases. Asterisks are awarded from one to five, and Facebook users also have the opportunity to add something. So if you have mostly positive feedback, it pays off. Every now and then there can be bad reviews - that happens. You can, however, defuse this. For example, Max Mustermann had an already bad day and wrote: »I was really up for it and then the disappointment: You have to pre-order Peking duck! Juice shop! «- Something like that happens! Don't take criticism personally, answer professionally: »Hi Max, thank you for your rating, even if it's only one star. The Peking duck is very elaborate and therefore only made to order - this is the only way we can ensure the high quality of our food. Let's try again - this time order in advance and then rate us again. We are sure that the assessment will be completely different! «In this way, you are signaling to Max that you take him seriously. You have taken up his complaint and responded to it. So when someone clicks on your Facebook page and reads reviews because they want to visit you, it is hardly possible to see something as bad.

Conclusion: what is a Facebook Page?

The fan page or Facebook page is your company's presence on Facebook. It is now just as important as having your own website and it is becoming increasingly important. Your company will find the opportunity there to communicate with (potential) customers, to advertise themselves and to present themselves in a personable way.

Now you know what a Facebook Page is all about. And above all, what it does for your company. Do you need help setting it up? We'll help you!

Julia started as an intern at »Pflüger: Kreativ ackern.« In 2014 and remained loyal to the industry after completing the internship. Today she is content manager.