How does the lawn mower work

Buying electric lawn mowers: what to look out for

Those who love a beautiful lawn cannot avoid mowing their green regularly. In the growing season from May to September, the lawn should be mowed about once a week. For that you need a lawn mower. But which is the ideal device for your lawn? A hand lawn mower is usually sufficient for small lawns (up to around 100 square meters). The larger the lawn, the more sensible it is to purchase a motorized device that makes lawn care easier. Cordless tools are an alternative for lawns up to around 300 square meters if the garden owner really uses the mower on a regular basis and always keeps the blades of grass short.

Electric lawnmower owners don't need to worry that the energy won't last until the end. In addition, the devices are usually more powerful than the cordless mowers. However, a power connection is a prerequisite for the operation of an electric mower. In the case of square plots without a large number of trees, tracking the power cable is usually not a problem. It becomes more difficult with winding properties or when there are many trees in the way. Then the power line can become a disruptive obstacle. Lawn mowers with gasoline engines are the alternative.

Electric lawnmowers are available from 50 to around 500 euros. The purchase decision is not always easy. How Much Lawn Mower Do You Really Need?

Cutting width

As with the initial decision about the type of lawn mower, the ideal size of the lawn mower also depends on the area of ​​the lawn. The larger the cutting width of the lawn mower, the larger, heavier, more unwieldy and more expensive the device will be. On the other hand, mowing goes much faster with a wider lawnmower. A reasonable compromise is to choose the size of the lawnmower so that the job can be done in about half an hour. Then the weekly mowing of the lawn does not degenerate into a chore.

When buying a lawn mower, make sure that the engine power is adequate. It should be at least 1000 watts power consumption with a cutting width of 30 to 33 cm, 1500 watts with a cutting width of about 40 cm. However, many electric mowers are overwhelmed with damp and tall grass. With its Rotak mower, Bosch promises a particularly powerful motor, which is particularly powerful thanks to the reduction of 18,000 motor revolutions per minute for the knife shaft to 3,600 revolutions per minute. Even dense or tall grass should not be a problem for the device.

Cutting height adjustment

In order to mow the lawn optimally, you should never shorten more than a third to a maximum of half the length of the stalk. Too much pruning of the grass plants promotes the development of diseases and infestation with fungi. Anyone who does not mow once or twice a week during the growing season must therefore occasionally adjust the cutting height according to the growth of the lawn. The easiest way to do this is to adjust the cutting height centrally using a lever or dial. It is more awkward when the cutting height has to be set separately on the front and rear axles. Individual wheel adjustment is not a special feature, but the cheapest solution. This wheel-by-wheel setting using a lever is still acceptable.

On the other hand, it is extremely cumbersome if all wheels have to be removed and screwed on again in a different position to change the cutting height. If you do not adjust the cutting height with such a device, you run the risk of permanently breaking not only the lawn but also the engine through overloading if the grass is too tall.


It should be possible to adjust the handlebar of the lawn mower to suit different heights of the user. If this is not the case, you should check that the height of the handlebar fits you before buying by turning the lawnmower around the shelves. The Gardena steering mower is a specialty. With his steering wheel, you can steer the lawnmower as elegantly as Michael Schumacher, past beds and bushes and around trees, were it not for the annoying power cable. The lawnmower's handlebar should also fold down easily. This saves space when transporting and storing the mower.

The larger the cutting width of the lawnmower, the more lawn area you can mow in the same amount of time. However, buying a huge mower for a small terraced house garden makes little sense, because the larger lawnmowers are heavy, unwieldy and expensive. On the other hand, it does not make sense to try to cut an 800 square meter lawn with a low-cost mower of 30, because each mowing then takes longer than an hour and a half. It is best to choose the width of the mower so that you will be finished in around 30 minutes.

Cable routing

A cable guide on the handlebar is designed to prevent the power cable from getting under the lawnmower's blades and being cut. Usually it is a cable clamp that moves back and forth on the handlebar. At the same time, it should ensure that the power cord cannot slip out of the plug coupling on the lawnmower.

Safety switch

Both hands are required to start an electric lawn mower. The main switches are designed as safety switches for two-handed operation. If the engine runs once, at least one hand must remain on the device. and press a handle or switch bracket, otherwise the motor will automatically switch off again.

Grass catcher

A grass catcher is now part of the standard equipment of a lawnmower. Whether it is a solid plastic box or a flexible fabric sack is actually of secondary importance. It is important that it is big enough and that it fills well so that it does not have to be emptied too often. It should also be easy to remove and reinsert for emptying. A fill level indicator on the catcher can help to save long distances when emptying by signaling that the catcher is full in good time.


Some electric lawn mowers are also suitable for mulching. For this purpose, a plug, available as an accessory, is usually inserted into the catching channel or the catching channel is locked with an adjustable flap. When mulching, the clippings are finely chopped up and then spread over the lawn as fertilizer. It is no longer necessary to dispose of the clippings.

Wheel drive

With light electric lawnmowers, an additional wheel drive is usually unnecessary and is often only offered for models with a cutting width of more than 40 cm.


Look for large, smooth-running wheels with a simple profile. Unfortunately, it is only when you mow in damp grass that you notice whether the tires are collecting the soil and plant residues or whether the wheels are simply rolling over them and staying clean.


If you cannot roll the lawnmower to the place of use at ground level, but have to carry it over cellar stairs or narrow garden paths, you will learn to appreciate a device that is lightweight. The Bosch Rotak 37 weighs just 11.2 kg, the Einhell EM 1501 is almost twice as heavy at 19 kg.

Space requirement

Anyone who has to get by with limited space in a rented apartment or a terraced house will be happy if the lawnmower does not need too much space to park. The Evolution from Brill is particularly practical. It can also be placed upright on the wall.

Shopping tips for electric lawn mowers

  • Choose the cutting width of the lawnmower to suit your property.
  • A central cutting height adjustment makes it easier to adjust the cutting height to the lawn and protects plants and mowers.
  • A height-adjustable handle saves you back pain.
  • Mulching mowers save time when mowing the lawn, as there is no need to empty the grass catcher or dispose of the clippings. But you have to mow a little more often for this.
  • A selectable wheel drive makes work easier with larger lawnmowers and on hilly terrain. Provided that his pace can be adapted to personal requirements. you can find more articles about lawn care and lawn mowing. The articles on robotic lawn mowers reveal how you can save more time with lawn care.