What are intelligent kitchen appliances

Smart Home: New & intelligent kitchen appliances from Samsung

Samsung is currently looking to reinvent the kitchen with various new smart home devices. Oven and stove are connected to a central control unit via WLAN and can be operated using a smartphone app. You can control the oven from the living room and no longer have to worry about whether you have really switched off the stove - because you can monitor the stove while you are out and about.

After the Korean electronics giant had primarily made refrigerators and washing machines “smart” and networked them with one another, it is now the turn of other kitchen appliances. Hotplates, ovens and even extractor hoods should also be integrated into the smart home concept. The manufacturer is now announcing the corresponding devices on its website. Initially, the smart kitchen appliances are only available in the USA.

Smart Home: hood and hotplate connected via Bluetooth

The new built-in devices from Samsung are not only designed in a uniform visual style, but above all are all equipped with WiFi. You can control the oven, the hob and the extractor hood remotely. The hood and the hotplate coordinate with each other via Bluetooth, so that the fan starts and the light comes on as soon as the hotplate is in use. All devices work together with the central control unit, the Samsung SmartThings Hub. From there, other large devices, such as refrigerators and washing machines, can also be monitored and controlled in the smart home.

The temperature in the oven, the baking time and of course the preheating can be controlled via smartphone app. That means: You are still on the road and, shortly before you get home, you start the oven so that the pizza can immediately be put in the oven. The Samsung oven is currently available from around 1,995 euros. The hotplate will cost just under 1,100 euros and the extractor hood should cost around 995 euros. It is not yet known when the devices will be available in Germany.

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