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From squirrelsJanuary 8, 2009, 1:40

Posted by Lila in Country and People.

I'm going to do something I've never done before: I tell a joke that everyone knows and that has never been laughed at. Even Klein-Fritzchen appears in it. Come on.

Klein-Fritzchen is taking biology lessons from a nun, and she asks the class: “Now you children, what kind of animal is that? It lives in the forest, has a reddish brown fur, bare eyes, jumps quickly from branch to branch and has a fluffy tail? ”And little Fritzchen says:“ Normally I would say it's a squirrel, but how I know the shop here , it is definitely again the dear little Jesus ”.

Have my listeners picked themselves up again after the hearty laugh? Why does this occur to me while waiting for about 20 kilos of choux pastry to cool down?

The Vatican's human rights commissioner, Cardinal Renato Martino, has turned Israel against itself with a delicate settlement. The situation in the Gaza Strip is noticeably similar to a large concentration camp, said Martino in an interview published on Wednesday by the online newspaper "Il Sussidiario".

"Let's take a look at the conditions in the Gaza Strip: It is becoming more and more similar to a large concentration camp," Martino said literally.

(No, this time my furious anger is not directed at the SPon who publishes this!)

What does that remind me of?

Right, Bishop Mixa, Bishop Hanke!

Catholic bishops apparently criticized the living conditions of the Palestinians during their pilgrimage to Israel. The Eichstatt Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke had said that it was hard to bear when you see the pictures from the Warsaw ghetto in the morning in the Shoah memorial site Yad Vashem and in the afternoon you drive through barbed wire and wall to a “ghetto like Ramallah”. "The lid goes off." The Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa spoke of a "ghetto-like situation" in view of the situation of the Palestinians. This was "almost racism," the newspaper quoted the bishop as saying.

And that reminds me of something. Who else was it? Right, Pastor Breitenbach!

Roland Breitenbach advises in his latest book "Jesus would be a Palestinian today" to say goodbye to religious traditions that neither fit into the gospel nor into the times. “Traditions that are no longer sustainable, such as original sin,” he says. The author packages this provocation in a travelogue to Israel and Palestine. "The pilgrimage shows," said Pastor Breitenbach, "that every path means saying goodbye to familiar positions." For no religion there should be "Holy Lands", inviolable reserves that ultimately cling to false ideas of God and thus suppress human dignity and become hardships even seduce them to acts of violence and terror.

Yes, just like the Jews, who cling to false ideas about God, suppress human dignity and even resort to violence and terror! That is why Jesus would be a Palestinian today. I would like to ask Breitenbach if he imagines Jesus with a Zwille, a bomb belt or a Kalashnikov. Oh no, peaceful resistance, turn the other cheek, THAT is what you first associate with the Palestinians.

So, back to the squirrel. Well, normally I would say yes, what I see there is a squirrel, but as I know the shop here, it will probably be a Nazi revenant with an Israeli passport, not to say: a Jew as a Nazi!

That's awesome, I think, this carelessness with which consecrated men of God, the successors of my neighbor from Nazareth, a devout Jew, take the Holocaust into their mouths and twist and instrumentalize it for populist purposes. As far as I am concerned, you Catholic dignitaries, criticize Israel as it should be for friends - I criticize you too, out of pure friendship. Denounce what you absolutely have to denounce - even if I think it would be nice if on the occasion it would also be denounced how Christians in Islamic countries fare. Perhaps you've missed that so far?

But stop dragging the bodies of the unburied Holocaust dead from the nonexistent graves, stop offending their memory. Plowing farmers were not shot at from Auschwitz, there were no booby traps in Maidanek, and no Jew in Poland, Germany, Norway, Greece, Estonia, has ever blown up a school bus or taken a kindergarten hostage or one close up shot of pregnant mother with her little girl. No, no rockets and explosives were stored underground in the Warsaw Ghetto, and the rabbis did not give sermons of hatred or cursed anyone to kill or exterminate. It was very different. Maybe read a book about it?

No no no. What the Palestinians suffer, they brought upon themselves with terror and delusion. Israelis are not racists. An Arab people like the Druze, who decided to form a pragmatic alliance with the Jews, live in prosperity and prosperity in Israel, as brothers in arms, and yesterday the little brother of a Druze killed in action said: “I am proud of our state, for which we are also have to make sacrifices - but I hope my brother was the last ”. The Druze did not threaten the Jews or force them to resist. The Druze live with the Jews as the Jews live with the Druze. The racist theory that the Jews are cramming the Palestinians into camps out of racism is a perfidious lie.

But to know that one must be able to recognize a squirrel as a squirrel. And it seems to me that the bishops and priests don't see the Jews for all the Nazis.

PS: I hereby solemnly declare: some of my best friends are Catholics! I have nothing against them. On the contrary, I admire a lot about the Catholic Church. Which is why such serial derailments still annoy me at half past one at night. Unfortunately.