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PlayStation 4: This is how I start a live stream

With the PlayStation 4 you can start your own live stream. In our practical tip, we explain how this works and what you have to pay attention to.

Live stream with Ustream or Twitch

To be able to start a live stream with your PlayStation 4, you need an account with one of the live streaming services Ustream or Twitch. If you already have an account with one of the services, you can simply use it on your PlayStation 4. Otherwise, you can create an account on the PC or directly via the PlayStation 4. The two services differ very little in their use.

  • The best way to get to the menu for live streams is to start any game. Now press the Share button on the PlayStation 4 controller (see picture gallery), which is located to the left of the touch field.
  • A menu opens in which you can optionally upload screenshots and videos. However, we are interested in the third option, which is "Transfer the Game". Select this option and confirm with the X button.
  • You will now be given the choice of which service you would like to use to broadcast your game. Select the service you want.
  • A window will open in which you can choose whether you want to create an account or log in with an existing account. If you should create an account, follow the instructions provided.

Configure and start the live stream on the PS4

  • Once you have created your account or logged in, you can configure your live stream. You can logically only select the option "Also transfer video from PlayStation Camera" if you have a camera and it is connected. If you select this option, in addition to the game, the display of the camera will also be transmitted and displayed.
  • In addition, you can transmit a sound via a connected microphone. If you select "Show comments on screen", the game will be minimized to the TV so that you can see the comments on your live stream. You can also assign a name to your stream and draw attention to it on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Finally confirm with the option "Start livestream".

End live stream and change settings

You can stop the live stream at any time or change the settings by simply pressing the Share button. A menu opens in which you can end the transmission or deactivate the camera and microphone.

Note that not every game can be streamed. As soon as you are outside of the game, a waiting screen will be displayed for your audience.

In another practical tip, we'll show you how to set up a headset on the PS4.

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