Nurses can wear makeup

Budding doctor - how older should you style?

For the interview, I would primarily prepare myself as I look in the application photo. Doesn't make much sense suddenly to show up with a bun and glasses if you have loose hair in the photo and don't have glasses.
I was wearing: black pants, black pumps, blue-purple or light gray blouse, necklace and earrings, hair open, the full range of make-up but subtle, nails short and without nail polish.

During the internship she will have to wear a gown or, depending on the subject, surgical clothing, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Incidentally, I would refrain from doing a one-week internship, usually 1-2 days. Observation is really just “looking, not touching anything”, in some cases I had to sign the observation agreements beforehand, which stated that I would not do anything to the patient. You see if you fit into the team and what day-to-day work looks like and you can calmly squeeze the assistant as it goes. One day is enough for this. I would clarify beforehand whether this should really be an internship or a test work. But I wouldn't work a whole week for free either. I had a total of 5 or 6 conversations, if I had stayed for another week, I would have been in the clinic for 1 1/2 months, what a waste of time.

And: As a woman in the hospital you are (unfortunately) often mistaken for a nurse, so I wouldn't overestimate that or take it as a sign of childlike appearance.