Is it easy to get a government job

Huge government in the southwest - is there a threat of bloating in the federal government too?

Forming a government in Baden-Württemberg was not easy; various constellations were explored over several weeks. Finally, the Greens entered into an alliance with the CDU.

But the new edition of Grün-Schwarz is not a love marriage. Four new top jobs were created in the government team so that both sides are satisfied. Business Insider explains how much everyone makes.

The country actually has to save because of the high Corona aid spending. Therefore there is also a lot of criticism.

It was a long struggle in the state in the southwest. Elections took place on March 14th and only two months later did Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) announce what his new cabinet should look like. This time, it took him a little longer than in the previous two terms of office of the Swabian, because his green-black government team has grown: Instead of twelve ministers and eleven state secretaries, this time 13 state ministers and 14 state secretaries are responsible for the government work of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Four new top government posts were also created. Behind the scenes it says: In order to pacify the formation of the green-black government, the Greens would have received their issues and the CDU would have been compensated with posts.

But this increase in the government apparatus is criticized because the taxpayers bear the costs. The reason is, of all things, statements by the head of government. The Prime Minister recently warned: “We cannot afford to make big leaps at the moment that involve big expenditures.” The first green-black alliance in Baden-Württemberg was able to draw on its full potential in the past five years thanks to sparkling record tax revenues , the high government spending and the economic crisis as a result of the corona pandemic will limit the room for maneuver in the future. For the budget year 2022, green-black has to deal with a gap of 3.6 billion euros. That is why Kretschmann made it clear: “Everything we decide will be subject to a budget reservation.” According to this, plans can only be implemented if the budgetary situation allows it.

The cash situation in the south-west has obviously allowed the particularly large ranks of ministers around the father of the country. The cabinet will cost taxpayers almost five million euros a year. The total is made up of the respective monthly salaries, as well as expense allowances, living and family allowances. According to this, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann earns 19,393.714 euros per month, with his marriage to Gerlinde an additional 154.47 euros per month. This is also done by the ministers. You earn 15,759.37 euros per month. Added to this, depending on whether someone is married (+154 euros) or has children (+135 euros / per child and month). Unmarried state secretaries earn 13,278.46 euros including the housing supplement and allowance.

So if you include the known family members, the taxpayer has to shell out at least 411,549.96 euros per month for the Kretschmann III cabinet. Every year, the citizens of the south-west pay nearly five million for their rulers.

Comparisons in the economy show: the difference is not that big

When it comes to the salaries of heads of government and ministers, the public often emphasizes: “It's not that much, top managers earn a lot more and politics is a real tough job.” But a look at current studies by the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers from Frankfurt shows : The direct remuneration in the private sector is not that far removed from the annual salary that Winfried Kretschmann takes home with him. The Prime Minister receives at least 232,716 euros annually.

Smaller companies with an annual turnover of up to 50 million euros pay their top managers an average of 182,000 euros. As the annual turnover increases, so does the salary: Companies with an annual turnover between 50 and 500 million euros already pay 295,000 euros. And in large companies with annual sales of more than half a million euros, the top people earn a median of 500,000 euros per year.

Taxpayers' Association criticizes "bloated cabinet"

However, it is not the level of ministerial salaries that is primarily criticized, but the “water head” of leaders. This is also the case in Baden-Württemberg. Zenon Bilaniuk, the state chairman of the Federation of Taxpayers in Baden-Württemberg, refers to the gaps in the medium-term financial planning of the state: “There are no expensive jumps. Instead, it is all the more important that the “one-in-one-out” rule, which was mentioned several times in the coalition negotiations, is consistently implemented in all spending decisions, ”said Bilaniuk. The best example of how not to do it is the bloated government apparatus, which now has a new ministry and a record number of state secretaries. “The taxpayers are asked to pay for this”, criticized Bilaniuk.

There was also criticism from the opposition. Andreas Stoch, state chairman of the SPD, said: “Ultimately, it is clear to everyone that the fifth, new ministry is only due to the fact that the CDU can get through its party congress more easily. The fact that additional state secretaries are to be set up in every ministry is incompatible with the statement that there is no money to shape politically. ”FDP state chief Hans-Ulrich Rülke complained about Kretschmann's“ outrageous justification ”, because so many people wanted to join Talking to the rulers, more state secretaries are needed for this: "Especially in Corona times, that is pulled by the hair."

Defense from the State Chancellery

Government spokesman Arne Braun defended the increase in the cabinet. The additional ministry for housing is urgently needed, the subject offers “social explosives” and has been “somewhat neglected” in the past. Too bad that the Greens have been ruling Baden-Württemberg for ten years - housing construction could have become a top priority much earlier. In general, the growth in the management and cross-sectional areas is "manageable".

The lion's share of the new structure (and the employees) will come from the existing structure and thus not lead to higher (personnel) costs, said Braun Business Insider. In the case of pending conflict issues such as the construction of wind turbines, the citizens did not want to discuss their opinion with ordinary officials, which is why the state secretaries should be responsible for contacting citizens in the future. Since a similarly difficult majority is expected after the federal election in September 2021, voters may face a similarly expensive cabinet in Berlin.