How do you find joy

Zest for life: 14 tips for more happiness in everyday life

Those who go through life with joy are happy. But happiness is mostly fleeting and everyone has to endure difficult times. We'll show you how to find your joy of life again.

What joie de vivre is - and what harms it

It's easier said than done when you try to be happy and let more zest for life enter your life. When things go wrong, we often find it difficult to stay positive. Sometimes we simply lack motivation in everyday life. This makes our life difficult, but with a little more zest for life it feels much more carefree. We associate joy of life with positive qualities such as self-confidence, optimism, joy and happiness. A cheerful person can be intoxicated with his energy or rest in his contentment. But they all have one thing in common: They are happy about their lives and see it as a gift.

What joie de vivre is - and what harms it

Unfortunately, strokes of fate and negative experiences can affect our joie de vivre and even take it away from us. When we grieve, we sometimes find it difficult to believe that we can ever be happy again. But even when we are going through a stressful time, we sometimes lose sight of the goal. Often we make our happiness too dependent on others, because we are seldom satisfied with what we achieve. However, we can get into a depressed mood and lose our joie de vivre for no reason. However, if your depression persists, you should seek professional help so that you can get through the difficult time.

Despite everything, there are many everyday occurrences that can have a positive effect on our mood and give us a little more zest for life:

  • A stranger's warm smile
  • sunshine
  • Get enough sleep
  • A compliment
  • The dear message from a friend
  • Good music
  • The acquaintance with a soul mate
  • tenderness
  • A good conversation
  • A sense of achievement
  • Time with good friends
  • A beautiful landscape

However, you can also consciously change your own behavior and thus let more joy into your life. In this way you make yourself less dependent on others and you are your own smith for your happiness.

14 tips for more zest for life


Smiling makes you happy

Often a simple smile is enough to make you feel better. When you smile, endorphins are released and you just feel good. The body remembers that a smile expresses something positive and a feeling of comfort comes over it, even if you do not feel so well.

Try it out: stand in front of the mirror in the morning and smile at your reflection. You will notice that you are more satisfied and start the day more positively.

Be thankful

Many people find it difficult to be grateful for the things they have and tend to focus on what they lack. Over time, your joie de vivre will also be lost, because you will never be satisfied. Try to be aware of what you are grateful for every day.

Start one Gratitude diary. There you write in it if you are grateful for something:


Example: I am grateful for the moment when a ray of sun broke through the thick cloud cover and lay warm on my face. After talking to my best friend, I felt so much lighter and I'm grateful to have her. I am also grateful for my beautiful apartment, which provides me with a place where I can relax.

You can also write your gratitude journal in bullet points:

I'm thankfull:

  • For warming rays of the sun on a gray day
  • For in-depth conversations with my best friend
  • For my home

Treat yourself to something

If you just give up all the time, you are also giving up a huge amount of zest for life. Do something very consciously just for yourself. If you need a break, take a day off. Deliberately treat yourself to a large piece of cake. Or buy the beautiful shoes even if they are not quite within your budget. As long as you do not exaggerate with such things, you should exhibit your guilty conscience and enjoy the good things in life.

Set yourself free

Your zest for life will increase significantly if you let go of everything negative in your life. Clear out your apartment and get rid of everything that restricts you and you don't need. Say goodbye to all people who are not doing you good and make room for true friends who support you unconditionally. With more positivity in life, you will also be more cheerful.

Go among people

Everyone feels right at home in the company of good friends. Here you can be who you really are and feel accepted. You laugh more and dare to express your opinions and views openly. If, on the other hand, you are isolated for a while and see only a few people, your zest for life drops dramatically, because a person needs contact with other people in order to function. It is not without reason that solitary confinement is one of the harshest and most feared sentences in prisons.

Make others happy

Make others happy

You can also increase your own zest for life by making others happy. How about if you just bake a cake to please your colleagues? Why don't you bring your girlfriend a bouquet of flowers for no reason? Or surprise your mother with a spontaneous visit back home. This way you not only put a smile on your loved ones' faces, but you can also be happy with them yourself. You certainly can't wait for their reaction and you are looking forward to it. These things will make your day a lot happier.

Take on challenges

Have a little dare and leave your comfort zone. Even if this thought scares you at first, you will be proud afterwards that you dared. In addition, you will gain many new experiences that you will live on for a long time. When you perceive more opportunities in life, you will be more cheerful and happy and appreciate life more. Dare to take a long flight to travel to a distant country. Or finally dare the new beginning that you've been hoping for for a long time.

Live in the moment

Try to enjoy every moment. You probably forget to take a deep breath every now and then and consciously perceive the moment. The future and the past are often too important in life, one has already passed and the other has not yet occurred. However, it is often difficult to break away from the past and it is not advisable to ignore the future. That's why you should try to give yourself a few downtime where you can be in the moment.

Sometimes it already helps if you do without your cell phone for a short time and don't let anything or anyone distract you. It is unhealthy to be available around the clock. Turn off your cell phone, take time for yourself and enjoy the moment.

Allow your feelings

If you keep suppressing your feelings and putting them on the back burner, you will become very unhappy in the long run. You lose confidence in yourself and your emotional world. You can gain a lot of joie de vivre through good interpersonal relationships. A working relationship makes us a lot happier and with an open heart the world looks much more beautiful.

Set yourself a goal

Most people need a goal to work towards in order to see meaning in their life. If you know what you want from life, you will get out of bed more easily in the morning and start the day in a good mood. Use your strengths and be aware of what you want to achieve. Don't set your goals too high, however, try to think in stages. Then even small successes will have a positive effect on your emotional world. You will become more confident and, in any case, happier.

Think positive

The way you phrase something can already influence the way you feel. Try to highlight the positive aspects of a compulsory course. You don't have to, but you may or you can and be proud if you pull it off in spite of everything. If you think more positively in general, your life will be more positive too. The Buddha already said: "The mind is everything - what you think, you will." You can find more motivational sayings in this article.

Celebrate life

Celebrate life

It is important that you reward yourself for your successes. If you work hard, you should take time off every now and then and enjoy life. However, sometimes there is no need to celebrate, and life is cause enough. You can also enjoy the little things, like the first snow in winter or the friendly gesture of a stranger.

Forgive yourself and others

To come to an end with the past, you should forgive yourself and others for mistakes. It is only human to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Feelings of guilt, anger, and anger will only pull you down and negatively affect you. Your zest for life is affected by these feelings. Try to forgive so you have room for positive thoughts.

Be active

Fill your everyday life with activities that you enjoy. A hobby makes you happy and lets you forget your problems for a short time. Whether you enjoy reading, painting, or exercising, if you do what you love, you are happy. Above all, sport has a positive effect on our well-being. During sporting activity, happiness hormones are released and health is promoted at the same time - that makes you happy.

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