How could I draw a satirical caricature

The caricature and the cabaret


A cartoon is the comically exaggerated representation of people or social conditions, also with a political or propagandistic background. One calls the draftsman of (pictorial) caricatures Cartoonists, the sign caricature.

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Caricatures are mostly figurative Form of satire, which sees itself as a partisan criticism of existing values ​​or political conditions and is often used as a “weapon” in social disputes. The caricature deliberately exaggerates, exaggerates and distorts characteristic features of an event or a person in order to make the viewer of the caricature think through the contrast to reality and the contradictions shown. The caricature often takes a sarcastic and ironic position on a current issue.

Significant errors and deficiencies in the person portrayed (e.g. a politician) or in the portrayed object or event are uncovered and made ridiculous by the manner in which they are usually presented in drawings. The caricature can be more satirical or more humorous, depending on whether it completely condemns and ridicules its victim or - as a mere joke - only wants to comment on a few shortcomings with gentle irony.

In addition to these political caricatures, there are portrait caricatures that deal exclusively with the physiognomy of people or their faces. The aim here is to emphasize the distinctive facial features without losing the recognizability of the person. The caricaturist often tries to portray typical character traits, public perception or a subjective interpretation of the caricatured person.

What is cabaret?

Cabaret is a form of cabaret in which the performing arts (acting scenes, monologues, dialogues, pantomime), poetry (poems, ballads) or music are often combined in the form of satire or polemics. Cabaret is socially critical, comically entertaining and / or artistic-aesthetic in its motivation. The boundaries between cabaret and comedy and stand-up comedy are sometimes blurred. Basically, in cabaret, the focus is more on a pointed criticism of public events or people from politics and society by the cabaret artist, while in comedy and stand-up comedy, the comic portrayal of conflicts with one's own environment is often in the foreground. The effect of cabaret, even more than with comedy and stand-up, is based on the game with the knowledge of the viewer.


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