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Divorce party: how to celebrate a fresh start

Just as the wedding is a reason to celebrate, some also see divorce as an opportunity to throw a party. Originally comes the idea of ​​the divorce party from the USA and is increasingly finding its way into Germany, especially in large cities. How to celebrate a divorce What do you need for a divorce party? What costs should you expect when planning a divorce ceremony?

The most important things in a nutshell: How do you celebrate a divorce party?

  • A divorce party is superficially about celebrating the new beginning after the breakup. Typically, you should take a year or two after the breakup before you go to a divorce party.
  • The following things are important for a divorce party: cake, music, food, drinks, photographer, entertainment program, etc.
  • How high they costs for a divorce party depends on many factors. As a rule, you can expect around 5000 euros, with no upper limit.

Detailed information on the Divorce party you will find below.

Divorce party: ideas and costs

How do you plan a divorce party?

How is a divorce party celebrated?

For many, the wedding is still the most important day in life. Two people who love each other celebrate that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Since the wedding party is a one-time event for most of them, they spare no expense and try everything to make the day unforgettable. But sometimes they cannot keep the promise they made in front of the altar and have to divorce each other after a while.

According to the Federal Statistical Office is in Germany every third marriagedivorced. When the divorce has taken place and all emotional wounds have healed, many now think of a divorce party, which is usually the case similar to a wedding is celebrated.

A divorce party is superficially about the New beginning to celebrate. Experts therefore advise against celebrating a divorce party if the person concerned has not yet passed the year of separation or is not yet through separation is gone. Because it's not the point of the party hateful actions to start like pinning photos of your ex-partner on a dart board and then throwing arrows or burning your belongings. Rather, the divorce party is supposed to be a ritual in order to to enter into marriage and appreciate this stage in life.

Usually you should one to two years after the breakup Allow time before you go to a divorce party. In addition, it is an advantage to be able to present the divorce resolution at the divorce party. It is also not advisable to use the Ex partner to invite you to the celebration, unless both of you have finally closed the chapter of marriage and no longer have thoughts of revenge.

General is according to experts a big divorce party with a long guest list better than one in a small circle, as the atmosphere is more relaxed and informal.

Before you can celebrate a successful divorce party, it must first be planned. If you a big budget you can have one Wedding planner who will do all the planning for you and be on site at the divorce party if necessary. Alternatively, you can take over the planning either yourself or with friends or relatives and thus seal your friendship at the same time.

When planning you need to different aspects get noticed:

  • When should the divorce party take place?
  • Where do you want to celebrate?
  • How many guests should come?
  • How much can the divorce party cost?
  • What is there to eat and drink?
  • What's the dress code?
  • Do you need a stylist or make-up artist?
  • What should be on the program?
  • Who takes on which tasks?
  • Will there be a band, a DJ or a playlist?
  • Should there be a photographer?
  • What other specials should there be?

How to celebrate a divorce party

What is important at a divorce party?

Which activities can you get ready for the divorce party?

Many use a divorce party as an opportunity to gather family and friends together, dress up, and have a great day together.

The divorce can be celebrated in a similar way to a wedding Divorce invitations, divorce cake, divorce clothes, divorce ring Etc.

In addition to the divorce cake, you can still go for the divorce party Decoration get the one that suits you and your guests. You can also choose one for the guests of your divorce party gift provide.

Here's what you can do on your Divorce party do:

  • Organize a divorce ceremony where the ring will be removed from you.
  • Read a personal speech.
  • Cutting up a symbolic wedding dress.
  • Bury, destroy or throw a symbolic wedding ring into the water.
  • Tell humorous anecdotes from marriage.
  • Take a single pledge.
  • Make a medal that says “happily divorced”.
  • Rent a photo box.
  • Arrange a fortune teller to predict the future for guests.

What to do at your divorce party absolutely no way should do:

  • Get coupled: After all, the divorce party is about closing up something and celebrating your newfound freedom, not about rushing into a new relationship.
  • Forge plans for revenge: The divorce party should be about healing your old wounds, not about inflicting new wounds on your ex.
  • Destroying souvenir photos or letters: Things may seem meaningless to you at the moment, but they are used to capture memories of a person who was once important to you. You could therefore regret destruction in the future.
  • To video the divorce party: It could be that you drink too much and misbehave at the divorce party. It is therefore better not to admit any evidence.

What does a divorce party cost?

With which costs What you should expect for a divorce party depends on many factors, whether you have a divorce planner, how many guests you are inviting, where you are celebrating, whether the divorce party will be chic or casual, etc.

What is the cost of a divorce party?

Generally there is for the Divorce Party Cost no maximum limit, but you can usually expect the following costs:

  • Invitations: 200 to 500 euros.
  • Location: 500 to 800 euros.
  • Outfit and accessories: 800 to 1,500 euros.
  • Decoration: 300 to 600 euros.
  • Styling: 250 to 500 euros.
  • Vehicle: 300 to 700 euros.
  • Photographer: 500 to 2,000 euros.
  • Catering: 60 to 120 euros per person.
  • Entertainment program: 700 to 3,000 euros.
  • Divorce Cake: 450 to 2,000 euros.

As a guest at a divorce party: what should you watch out for?

What can you get the host for the divorce party?

Some are in great surprise when they are invited to a divorce party. Questions arise like: "What do you give for a divorce?", "How do you behave at a divorce party?" or "Which dress code is appropriate?"

The question, which present is appropriate for a divorce, there is no general answer. It depends, among other things, on how well you know the host.

Generally speaking, there is little you can go wrong with going for a divorce a funny gift bring. As an example, you could give the host a Photo album with funny photos from joint activities.

Depending on how the host envisions the divorce party, you may be yours Outfit choose accordingly. Usually, you can dress up just as fancy for a divorce party as you can for one wedding.

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Divorce party: how to celebrate a fresh start
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