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Brandhalde, Boller Fels and Denkhauser Schlucht

The family-friendly, certified and well signposted (yellow ring) circular route offers wonderful views from the Schillerhöhe or the Boller Fels (624m) into the Neckar Valley. We experience the nature reserve Brandhalde with rock massif and the romantic Denkbach Gorge with the Denkhauser Bach.

The hike, which is one of the paradise tours, takes us between Aistaig west and Boll east. Start is north of Oberndorf am Neckar, the Eichendorffstrasse hiking car park in the narrow bend of Balinger Strasse, where Eichendorffstrasse meets. Oberndorf am Neckar in the Rottweil district lies between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb in the upper Neckar Valley.

That is a landscape protection area Neckar valley with side valleys from Rottweil to Aistaig, through which we come right at the beginning. The Neckar valley turns here twenty times and brooks have dug themselves into twenty side valleys.

We hike up, to the north, accompanied by the forest and to the Boller rock. In doing so, we get through that Brandhalde nature reserve (10ha)which is also a bird sanctuary. This is where the peregrine falcon occurs. Overall, the animal and plant community is under protection, with the steppe heather vegetation on the Boller Fels, the poor grassland and the forest.

The Boller Fels (624m) we have reached after about 1.7km and enjoy a wonderful view over the Neckar valley and Oberndorf. Aistaig lies at the foot of the rock. Above Aistaig is the Bogeneck castle ruins. Bogeneck Castle was built between 1150 and 1250. Remnants of the shield wall and the hump square masonry have been preserved.

Next, we come down to the Neckar tributary, Denkhauser Bach, and the beautiful one Denkhauser Schluchtthrough which we wander upwards. We wander through a field corridor and come to the Celtic Viereckschanze. Remnants of a mostly square area are referred to as such, with walls and ditches. It has not been conclusively clarified whether within these areas there were only manor settlements of the Celts or whether they also set up their places of worship in this way.

Through forest and field as well as a small garden we come to the resting place Boll refuge, after a short break we stroll the industrial area Boll and come to Schillerhöhe. From this height you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Neckar Valley and the Swabian Alb. Then it goes steeply down, also in serpentines, to the hiking car park Eichendorffstraße.

Photo credit: By qwesy qwesy [CC BY] via Wikimedia Commons

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