What are 15 reasons to make a living from it

15 reasons why emigrating is worthwhile

You are toying with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning your back on Germany permanently, or at least for one abroad for a longer period of time to go You are not alone with this consideration: Around 150,000 German citizens decide to do so every yearto try their luck abroad. Of course, not all of them stay away forever, a good two thirds return home after a few years. What they bring with them from their time abroad is usually the prospect of a better job, a higher salary and an overall improved attitude towards life. But what actually motivates people to leave Germany permanently or temporarily? Here are 15 reasons why it is worth emigrating!

1. Better climate

According to a survey the weather is one of the main reasons German emigrants to turn their backs on their country. It's also somehow obvious: there is so many countries in this world that are blessed with so many more hours of sunshine per year and overall much milder temperatures are. Then why should you actually do this unpleasant winter in Germany when you can barely see the sun? If cold rainy days with little sunlight inevitably have a negative effect on mood and general well-being, there are certainly better places to live in this world. Especially People who suffer from certain diseases can noticeably alleviate their symptoms through a better climate.

2. Better earning potential

You can simply earn more in some countries. For example, for simpler work In the Anglo-Saxon region, a fairer salary is often paid than with us. This is often an important criterion when deciding whether or not to emigrate. The minimum wage lies in numerous countries above what you get in this country. But also Academics and well-trained professionals can earn significantly more in some countries. In addition, entrepreneurship is promoted much more in many places than here, so you too higher profits as a self-employed person in many countries can achieve and also with less bureaucratic hurdles have to fight.

3. Low taxes

Tax is also closely related to earnings. Germans and Austrians pay one of the highest tax rates in the world. In contrast, the situation is very different for the Confederates in Switzerland and in many other countries. There you have to give significantly less of your salary to the state. Especially childless singles are in Germany and Austria disproportionately asked to pay. If you don't feel like working for the tax authorities up to six months a year, you should look around for alternatives!

4. Low cost of living

This point is also one of the financial reasons to leave Germany for a while or to emigrate entirely. The fact is: In some countries you get so much more for your money. This is particularly interesting for people who already have a certain financial cushion have saved up. In some countries in Southeast Asia, Central America, or Southern Europe keeps this money much longer or you can allow yourself a much better lifestyle with the same money, for example eat regularly in restaurants, rent a larger apartment, drive a taxi and much more.This is particularly interesting for people who have a digital job or a digital business continue to earn their money in Germany.

5. Experience a new perspective

A stay abroad - be it forever or for a while - gets you out of your usual structures and opens up a new perspective on the world. You think outside the box, which enriches your personal experience immensely. You can check old thought patterns and old beliefs. It will enrich your life immensely.

6. Learn a foreign language perfectly

Have you ever done a semester abroad or have you traveled for several months in a foreign country? Then you may have had the experience that you snapped up much of the local language have, but they still not learned perfectly or get confused with locals when speaking. Especially since your newly acquired knowledge will probably rust again pretty quickly after your return. Emigration or a year-long stay abroad on the other hand offers you the possibility to learn a language really perfectly in all its nuances and after a while maybe even being mistaken for a local from time to time. This is nothing short of a second identity, a second me, or even a second lifethat is given to you by this!

7. Professional development

Sometimes a longer time abroad or emigrating makes sense if you are develop professionally want. Naturally it mainly depends on your position or industry. In some areas you simply have better professional development opportunities in other countries. That is often in North America or some Asian countries the case, since certain developments just continue there are more advanced than ours. As a woman in this country, you may feel the so-called "glass ceiling" from time to time. This expression describes the phenomenon that in some countries top-qualified women often get stuck in middle management and simply cannot make it up. Other countries are much more advanced: In Norway there is for example many more women in leadership positions than with us.

8. Become more tolerant

If you move the center of your life abroad for a longer period of time or permanently, you will inevitably a much more tolerant person. Why? From now on you will experience first hand what it means to belong to a minority and not to be part of the majority society. You have to be on site adapt to certain customs, manners and customs, even if they may even contradict what you have learned and believed so far. This is how you learn that your way of seeing or doing certain things is not always the only right and unique one have to be. Especially when you return to Germany at some point, you can Understand the point of view of the minorities in this country much better.

9. Make new friends

in the Everyday life in Germany has run in a bit after a certain period of time: You have a steady group of friends, colleagues at work and possibly a steady partner. There is usually not much time left to make new acquaintances. A stay abroad gives you the opportunity to leave these ingrained structures and again to meet completely new people. This not only enriches you personally, but also opens up many new perspectives and opportunities in professional terms. You can also have intense contact with people completely different cultures build up and thereby learn a lot. Of course, you don't have to give up your circle of friends in Germany.

10. Better training opportunities

Another reason for many people to leave Germany is better training opportunities. Currently at North America and Great Britain there are, for example, much more prestigious ones, sometimes world famous universities. Anyone graduate from Harvard or Oxford naturally has completely different career prospects - whether in Germany or in any other country in the world. The training courses for this certainly cost more, but sometimes you can also do one scholarship get hold of. You will also study in a very popular language, which will also bring you many advantages. Also in Scandinavia and the Netherlands there is by the way great universities, which are very popular with young Germans and their Degrees are highly regarded around the world are.

11. Better mood

Do you sometimes notice the grumpy faces in the subway? Especially on a Monday or Tuesday morning? You think that is normal and that is how life is? Then you are wrong! Because that's not the case everywhere. Anyone who has already spent a long time abroad knows that people in many countries with a more positive attitude going through life and the Basic mood simply more pleasant is. Regardless of whether Australia, South Africa or Brazil - You will be amazed at how many friendly smiling strange faces you can see in a single day. Whether it's because of the sun or not - this one The joy of life is simply contagious and will grab you after a short time!

12. Dare to start over

If you emigrate, you can do it again start from scratch. This is nothing short of a new lifethat is given to you. No matter what you have already put in the sand in this country, nobody in a foreign country knows them At first you meet people without prejudice. This chance to start all over again is for some great gift. Of course, you should never forget that you always take yourself with you and therefore have to work on your own mistakes. However, if you really change, people abroad can call you back as completely new person get to know and appreciate.

13. Better business climate

You want one Found a start-up or get started as a freelancer? Even then, it is sometimes a wise idea to choose a country that has the perfect conditions for it. If you don't hold up here too much and you can also benefit from all of the reasons mentioned above - why not? In many countries they are bureaucratic hurdles for the self-employed and entrepreneurs are significantly lower and there is generally one better business climate. Your business idea can only benefit from this, you think motivated colleagues and also gain unique experience abroad as well a lot of knowledge about another market.

14. A big challenge

In principle, a longer stay abroad or even emigration is one huge challengethat makes you grow incredibly. And what makes our life special if not the challenges and hurdles that we are ready to take? This is the only way you can develop in life and create something extraordinary. After all, your decision is not final either, you actually can always return. But once you've done it, you'll be incredibly proud of yourself.

15. Because you have the opportunity

One last good reason to just do it: You have the opportunity to do so and should therefore use it. Every now and then you should realize that not all people in this world so good luck and options have like us in Western Europe. The German passport is recognized worldwide as one of the most valuable passports, as we can enter most countries in the world without a visa. Even if we do need a visa, we can mostly straightforward to apply for and the fee is hardly worth mentioning for many. Whoever was born with this should be grateful and take advantage of the options!


There are many good reasons to turn your back on home for a longer period of time or even to emigrate. Undoubtedly there are also some good reasons for staying, we don't want to hide that at this point. If you are still unsure about this, however, you can rest assured: If you don't like it so much or if you miss friends and family too much, you can usually too return unproblematic. As already mentioned, two thirds of German emigrants do that anyway. Only one thing is certain: you will no longer the same person be the one you set out to be.

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