How many televisions are there in Scotland?

Scotland is a longing destination for many - although the weather usually doesn't mean it to you that well. But that's exactly what makes this nation so tough.

Scotland is fascinating in all weathers. So: pack rainproof clothing and off you go. In the capital, in Edinburgh, Joanne K. Rowling wrote "Harry Potter", there are dark, narrow alleys and underground passages through which one is led on ghost tours. And here you can hear a bagpiper on every corner on some days. With the haunting tones of Scottish music in your ears, it goes on into the middle of the Highlands and to a very special kind of sporting event: the Highland Games.

In the Scottish Highlands there are Highland Games almost everywhere in the summer months; but those in Braemar are the best known. The royal family's summer palace, Balmoral, is close by. And almost every year the Queen comes by for an hour. We continue to the west. The most famous and largest lake in Scotland in terms of volume awaits you there: Loch Ness. Due to the many peat particles in it, the lake appears almost jet black. That makes it seem almost mystical and of course feeds the legend of the monster "Nessie". But true or not, one thing is certain: Everyone who comes to Loch Ness keeps looking over the lake to see if they suddenly see a giant sea monster appear ...

A film by Tanja Höschele

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