Where did the BTS start?

BTS story

The band's success story actually begins much earlier, namely in 1997 - here the course was set for a success story that no one thought was possible at the time.

Bang Si-Hyuk, better known as Hitman Bang, was still working as a composer and producer for the newly founded label JYP Entertainment under Park Jin-Young. A time in which he gained many positive and negative experiences with the up-and-coming company, which are so important today.
During this time, Hitman Bang produced and wrote countless successful songs and albums for artists such as Rain, Wonder Girls, 2AM and Teen Top. In 2005 he finally left JYP Entertainment to implement his own ideas for a successful production company. BigHit Entertainment, the current management of Bangtan Sonyeondan, was born.

The plans for the company's own idol band came up very early on, so that in 2010 training began for the first seven band members, who would later make their debut under the name Bangtan.
At this point in time the cast consists of Rap Monster, Beenzino, Suwoong (Boys Republic), Atom (Topp Dogg), Jin Hyosang (Stardom Trainee), Iron (Runner Up SMTM3, DNH Crew), Kidoh (Topp Dogg, DNH crew), Supreme Boi (underground rapper) and i11even (underground rapper, DNH crew).

From the original line-up at the time (pictured above) only Rapmonster (RM) remained part of the band, while the others left the project. However, they all went for the better, due to other interests and to this day maintain good contact with BigHit and BTS. Supreme Boi still works on the band's BTS albums and solo albums as a producer and musician.

Kim Namjoon (RM, then called Rap Monster) had made a name for himself as a rapper and songwriter in the underground scene in Seoul even before his contract with BigHit. In 2007 Hitman Bang finally signed him and actually planned a solo career for him in advance. Since the debut of BTS, RM has performed on over 100 songs and is actively involved in all of the BTS songs.
Namjoon is not only an exceptional musical talent, but also exceptionally smart with an IQ of 148. During his school days, he was among the top 1% in South Korea in math, foreign languages, social studies and the Korean language. This enabled him to go to school for a time in New Zealand (Australia) as part of a student program.

Similar to RM, Min Yoongi (Suga) was also successful as an underground rapper in his hometown of Daegu and later in Seoul before joining BTS. In 2011 he took part in the BigHit Castings and took second place. This automatically made him one of the participants in the Bangtan project. Three years of hard training should now lie ahead of Suga, until he would finally step on stage for the first time with Bangtan Sonyeondan. During this time he never lost his passion for composing his own songs, and so some of the successful BTS songs came from his pen. He now also writes and produces songs for artists like Suran and received his first award for his work as a producer at the end of 2017.

Kim Seokjin had actually been studying acting for three years when he was suggested to audition on BigHit. While studying acting, Seokjin learned fluent Chinese and was even able to successfully establish himself as a model. His face adorned, among other things, the advertising campaigns of Etude House, a well-known Korean cosmetics brand.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) was also known in the underground hip-hop scene, like Suga and RM. As part of the street dance group "NEURON" he was also very active in the underground dance scene. Even then, his skills as a dancer opened several doors for him in the music industry. And so it happened that he trained under JYP Entertainment, for which Hitman Bang worked for a long time, together with B.A.P's Yoo Youngjae in order to successfully debut as a musician and dancer. However, in 2011 he left JYP Entertainment and signed his contract with BigHit Entertainment.

The then 13-year-old Jeon Jungkook first drew attention with his participation in the TV talent show Superstar K2. Despite his young age, he had shown an extraordinary musical talent there, but still retired early. Shortly afterwards, he received numerous offers from all the major labels in the South Korean music industry, but decided on the small, yet unsuccessful label BigHit. Jungkook later justified his decision in an interview with the fact that Rap Monster had played a decisive role in it. Jungkook had seen him perform there and was so impressed that he wanted to be a part of it himself. BigHit, however, initially criticized his performance skills as he did not show any emotions or facial expressions during the performances. In the summer of 2012 BigHit sent him to the USA to perfect his dancing qualities in the renowned dance academy "Movement Lifestlye". Today Jungkook is the focus in almost all band choreographies due to his dance skills.

Park Jimin moved to Busan High School for the Arts, a school that specializes in modern dance. His dance teacher at the time suggested that he introduce himself to a label to show off his talent as a dancer. After signing his contract with BigHit, Jimin only trained for a year and thus became the last participant in the Bangtan project for the time being.

A young team from BigHit Entertainment finally discovered a young man when he was just walking along the label's headquarters. He had absolutely no intention of becoming a singer, let alone a star. Especially not since his parents were also against it. Originally he drew the attention of the BigHit team because of his good looks.
BigHit was finally able to win over Kim Taehyung, now known under the stage name "V", and convince him of his own talent. Although Taehyung trained with the Bangtan members every day for three years, his affiliation with the band wasn't revealed to the public until shortly before the debut with a teaser picture.

2013: The BTS band members in the rehearsal room of BigHit Entertainment

On Thursday, June 13, 2013 the time had finally come - the seven-person group celebrated their long-awaited debut with the song 'No More Dream'. The associated album "2 Cool 4 Skool" was released one day earlier on June 12, 2013. BTS quickly cast a spell over the audience and on July 9, 2013 the official name for the fans was announced. A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth) has stood by her side ever since and actively supports the boys' success all over the world.

In its debut year, BTS received several awards and received their first awards.

The beginning of a promising career.

With her following album "Dark & ​​Wild" (2014) and the mini-albums "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1" (2015), "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2" (2015) and "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever "(2016), BTS became increasingly popular and successful. Interest in the newcomers increased not only in Korea and Asia, but fans and media from Europe and America were also following the hype about the Bangtan phenomenon more and more carefully.

With the "WINGS" album, BTS finally made it onto the American Billboard 200. With number 26, they achieved the highest chart entry that a K-Pop album had ever reached up to this point in time. In South Korea "WINGS" was the best-selling album in the history of the Gaon Album Charts at the time. The album went over the counter more than 1.5 million times and was the first 'million dollar sales' that an artist in Korea had ever achieved with just one album without a repackage.

Despite all the deadline pressure, the band never lost touch with their fans and used the social networks to keep in touch. Again and again they involve the fans in their everyday life and have long since made A.R.M.Y a family. The sensational group dynamics of the fans regularly causes a stir in the media and astonishment among non-Kpop fans. In March 2016, Forbes listed BTS as the world's most retweeted artist on Twitter.

In 2016, BTS was again honored with various prizes and awards - but they received the most important in December. With tears of joy, the seven boys received their first Daesang at the MAMA Awards - an unforgettable moment for the band and fans, whose path has not always been easy until then. As a band without a powerful label behind their backs, no one had expected them to achieve this success - the hard work, the many hardships and the unshakable down-to-earth attitude of the seven guys ultimately catapulted them to the top of the ranks of the Asian top stars.

2016: BTS after the MAMA Award ceremony

In 2017 BTS released the album "Love Yourself: Her" and entered the Billboard 200 at number 7, breaking their own record. With the accompanying title song "DNA" they made it into the Billboard Hot 100 at number 85 (later even number 67). The big surprise of the album, however, was the second release "Mic Drop". In a collaboration with the international artists Steve Aoki and Desiigner, a remix of the song was created, which overshadowed all previous successes. With 28th place in the Billboard Hot 100, BTS attracted attention worldwide. A short time later, both titles were awarded gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Another record for BTS, as no Korean artist had achieved this before.

The album was sold over 1.2 million times in its first month, winning the title of best-selling album in the history of the Gaon Album Charts. At this point the guys have sold over 5 million albums worldwide since their debut.

As early as October 2016, BTS was number 1 on the Billboard Social Top 50 Charts, making them the first Korean group to top it. Another record in her treasure chest. They hold this position without interruption to this day. The annual Billboard Awards ceremony finally took place in May 2017. BTS had already been nominated for the Top Social Artist Award weeks before and finally won it with more than 300 million votes worldwide. Once again, BTS was considered the first Korean group to win a BBMA.

In June 2017 they were named one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet by Time Magazine, and in November the Guinness Book of Records announced that BTS was listed as the music group with the most Twitter engagements in the world for the 2018 edition. A month later, it was announced that BTS was among the celebrities that is the most tweeted about. In 2017, the band garnered half a billion (502 million) likes and retweets, more than US President Donald Trump and Justin Bieber put together.

2017: BTS after the Billboard award

The year 2018 started promisingly for the seven band members.
In January they won two more coveted Daesangs. With their third Japan album "Face Yourself" and their comeback ("Love Yourself: Tear") at the American Billboard Awards, they have already broken further records and set new standards. They were also able to take home the "Top Social Artist" Award from Billboards for the second year in a row. With the title song "Fake Love", BTS were able to achieve the first PAK (Perfect All Kill) in their career - a result that so far only a few artists have achieved.

Another world tour finally started in August 2018, which for the first time also included tour stops in Europe and the first stadium concert in America. Every single one of the concerts was sold out within a few minutes. In the Berlin Mercedes-Benz Arena alone, more than 30,000 people came to experience the first two BTS concerts in Germany.

During their tour stops in America, UNICEF announced a further collaboration with BTS and the band got the great honor of presenting the new project to the UN committee with a speech. Bandleader RM spoke to political figures like the Korean First Lady about the difficulties of growing up and the importance of self-acceptance. Millions followed the moving speech, which once again put the public's eye on the uniqueness of the band.

2018: BTS in front of the UN Assembly. Bandleader Kim Namjoon coined another milestone in the Love Yourself era with the words "Speak Yourself".

After the tour stop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the band finally attended the French-Korean friendship concert, where the Korean President Moon Jae In expressed his admiration and gratitude once again (the First Lady had already done this on his behalf at the UN conference) .

2018: BTS at her first meeting with the Korean head of state Moon Jae In

As part of their world tour, BTS also made a stop in Germany for the first time (there was a short stay in 2015 but no concert of their own). The German fans celebrated their idols at two concerts in a completely sold-out Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

October 26, 2018: The ARMY TIME banner project from BTS Germany at the concert in Berlin

October 26, 2018: BTS with the banners of the ARMY TIME project

The band ended the year with a record number of awards in their native South Korea.

The beginning of 2019 begins with a milestone for all BTS fans. After three years with the "Love Yourself" concept and the associated scavenger hunt for clues about the history hidden therein, the final resolution has now begun. The first BTS Webtoon ²SAVE ME² played a key role in this.

While BTS was still working through the remaining tour stops of their "Love Yourself" tour, the announcement of a worldwide stadium tour was already making waves. In some of the world's largest stadiums, BTS would even stop for two concerts. Concert dates until the summer of 2019 have been announced under the name "Speak Yourself".

However, BTS achieved its greatest success to date elsewhere. At the 2019 Grammys, they were invited to present one of the awards. And even if the BTS album came away empty-handed that evening, despite being nominated for the best album design, the mere fact that they were even considered by the jury for their work is something that only very few artists in the music industry take part in.

In April the long-awaited album "MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona" was finally released. The media world was upside down days before it was published. After the announcement of the title song "Boy With Luv" together with the American singer Halsey, the advance booking figures shot up to unimaginable heights. Before the album went on sale, it broke all records for physical album sales in Korea. The final release on April 12, 2019 finally shook the music and media world. BTS not only broke the worldwide YOUTUBE record for the most watched music video in the first 24 hours, but also achieved 100 million views on the video platform after just under 37.5 hours as the fastest music video in history. In just a few hours, the album rose to # 1 in the ITUNES charts in 85 countries around the world. And the title song "Boy With Luv" also secured number 1 in over 70 countries.

Just one day after the release, BTS premiered its stage performance for the title song on the famous American show "Saturday Nigt Live" (SNL), thus expanding its profile in the USA once more.

On the same day they announce an exclusive performance at the Billboadrs Awards (BBMA) 2019. This time with the singer Halsey. BTS are also nominated in two award categories (Top Dou / Group and Top Social Artist) of the BBMAs - this is the first time that a South Korean musical act has achieved this.

We are excited to see how your success story will continue ...