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There are many customs in Advent and at Christmas. They include fir and light decorations, Advent wreaths and calendars, nativity scenes, Christmas carols and stories, handicrafts, Christmas markets and Christmas bakery.

Because the love of Jesus for people outshines everything for many Christians, play the lightplays a particularly important role in the Advent season. The closer Christmas approaches, the brighter the candles and lights shine. In no church, no school, no authority and almost no Christian household is an Advent wreath made of fir branches missing. On every Advent Sunday one more candle lights up on it, on the spiral of lights even every day. Stars and fairy lights twinkle on windows and bushes. Even squares and streets are festively decorated with fir trees, candles, stars and shiny balls. The crowning glory is the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, peppered with burning candles. And then the days get longer and brighter again in nature.
Christians in Australia, South America and other countries in the southern hemisphere are also familiar with these traditions. But they celebrate Christmas in summer. That's why the lights don't seem so solemn there.

Churches and schools practice with children and young people Nativity playsa. They tell the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of the Christ child in the stable of Bethlehem. The stage is sometimes a meadow or even a real stable. Churches and music schools send out invitations to Christmas concerts. Some raise money for people in need. They want to pass on to others the love they receive from God.

Hangs in almost every Christian family advent Calendar and drives away the waiting time for children. You can open a new door every day. Behind it you will find a small picture or chocolate. An advent calendar app may even show a video or entice you to play a game.

Many Christians do handicrafts Christmas decorationsand gifts for friends and relatives, baking cookie or read, sing and play Christmas stories and songs. They can even be heard outside the door, because they are correct in almost every major town Christmas marketswith music and the scent of cinnamon and roasted almonds.

Many Orthodox Christians prepare for Christmas very differently. They live almost vegan for 40 days, avoid milk, cheese, meat and other animal foods - as well as cookies and sweets.

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