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Change halogen lamp: This is how it works in a few simple steps
from 11.12.2018

Halogen lamps are often found in the undercounter lights of cupboards and sideboards. Usually several spots together make up an ensemble. If a lamp fails, a replacement has to be found - but many people postpone the replacement until tomorrow. The light sources of halogen lamps can be easily changed in a few simple steps.
Before you change the lamps in the halogen spots, you should switch off the power supply to the lamp. So either pull the plug of the lamp out of the socket or loosen the fuse for permanently installed lights. Otherwise there is a risk of electric shock if you change the halogen lamp.

Change halogen spotlights - the socket makes the difference

Depending on the type of socket, the halogen lamp can be removed from the lamp in different ways. You can pull simple halogen bulbs straight out of the socket, larger spots usually have to be pushed lightly into the socket and then unscrewed.

Another variant: The lamp is secured in the socket with screws that you loosen with a small screwdriver. Be careful if the light source has just burned out: Halogen lamps are small and bright, but they also get very hot. Temperatures of up to 250 degrees are not uncommon. So after a defect, let the lamp cool down for at least ten minutes before you change the lamp in the halogen spotlight.

Change firmly anchored halogen lamps

You need the most instinct and manual dexterity when you change the light source in a permanently installed halogen spot. Such spotlights are usually found as undercounter or ceiling lights in the kitchen or bathroom. Such lamps are also popular outdoors. The same applies here: Before starting any work, disconnect the lamps from the power supply. In most spotlights, the halogen spot is either secured with the cover of the spotlight, which you can simply unscrew or lever down with a small screwdriver. Or a fine ring in the lamp housing holds the halogen spot. You can usually just pull off the ring. After replacing the lamp, assemble everything in reverse order.

It's that easy to change a halogen rod

It is just as easy to change the light source on a large halogen lamp. In these lamps, which mostly illuminate driveways or construction sites, there are no halogen bulbs, but halogen rods that are reminiscent of compact fluorescent tubes. To change a halogen rod, first disconnect the lamp from the mains. Next, remove the glass cover, which is usually held in place with the frame cover. You can easily change the halogen rod itself by levering the ends of the old rod out of the holders with a small screwdriver and replacing it with a new one. Important: Pay attention to the permissible wattage. Bulbs that are too strong heat up too much, especially in built-in lights, and can cause fires. And: never touch the new lamp on the glass body with bare fingers. Because it gives off the generated heat via the glass surface. Dirt on the fingers would burn into the glass and prevent the heat from being emitted. Replacing the light source would then be preprogrammed. It is therefore better to grip the halogen bulb or the halogen rod with a cloth.