What is Brenda Lee's most successful song

Golden Earring - Radar Love

If you are touring the Netherlands in the next few weeks, you should definitely make one thing: a concert with one of the oldest rock bands in the world. Namely ... the Golden Earring. They are - founded in 1961 - actually a bit older than the Rolling Stones. Even if the Dutch called themselves "The Tornados" back then. Ten of the band's songs have placed themselves well internationally over the years. In the Netherlands, at least 47 titles made it into the top 40. The most successful of these dates from 1973: the legendary "Radar Love".

The content of the song is easy to tell: a trucker is on the road, thinking of his loved one at home. Fittingly, he listens to the radio "Coming On Strong", a song by the singer Brenda Lee. A real heartache number that makes the sadness in him stronger and stronger. And longing. The song says:

“I've been driving all night, my hands on the steering wheel are damp
There's a voice in my head that spurs me on.
It's my sweetie who calls: "I need you here!"
And it's half past five and I shift up a gear.
The radio is playing a forgotten song: Brenda Lee’s "Coming On Strong".
The street mesmerizes me. I give more gas, into the new sunrise.
When I'm lonely and I'm sure that I've had enough
she sends her consolation to me from above. We don't need a phone - not at all.
We have one thing, a vibration in the air: Radar Love. "

No question: in times when there were no cell phones, that sounded even more adventurous than it does today: an invisible bond that connects lovers with one another? If you ask your grandparents, you will probably hear: In times of need, such an invisible connection between people is particularly pronounced. But also in good times? The Christian faith assumes that there is this "invisible bond" between all people: a bond of love that connects God and all people with one another. Wherever this "radar" is heard, people instinctively always do the right thing. For example, to be there for other people. The Bible calls this the Spirit of God. Golden Earring calls it “Radar Love”. - For everyone who cannot make the way to our north-western neighbors in the next few weeks: Here are Golden Earring and "Radar Love".

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