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Have texts written for website

Have texts written for a website - you should keep this in mind when writing your website.

Sure, not everyone can juggle language virtuously and just write texts for a website. Sometimes we even have no words at all. Especially when we are supposed to write them down in a website text. But if you are self-employed, you still need a lot of texts. For your website and blog, for brochures, whitepapers and flyers and for press releases. Or even a slogan for your company. It's good that we have copywriters; o)

But how do you actually find a copywriter according to your taste? What should you consider when briefing your website texts? And what does a collaboration with creative people look like? In this blog post I have summarized a few important points for you:

Finding the person who will write your copy for the website

Enter "Copywriter Website", "Copywriter for Website" or "Copywriter for Homepage" into a search engine and you'll be amazed: So many results! Now you have the choice between all the website copywriters displayed. But how can you judge whether these people can really write the texts for your websites that you need for you and your company?
First of all: Anyone can call themselves a copywriter and offer you to write the texts for your homepage, for example. Because our profession is unfortunately not protected by law. After all, most of us have entered this wonderful job across the board. Many of them have often worked as permanent employees in agencies for many years.

The website: You should pay attention to these points

Freelance copywriters actually always have their own website. Can you find what you are looking for in the texts? Excellent! Please also pay attention to the following points:

  • References and work samples: F.Do you find references and work samples on the copywriter's website? For example, links to projects such as website texts? Including personal statements from happy and satisfied customers?
  • Memberships in associations or networks: For example, is the person a member of the copywriting association and does it show that on the website? Or is she part of the Texttreff network? These two organizations are scrutinizing who they accept and who they don't.
  • Offer and writing style: We writers can usually write in many different ways - from serious and sober to humorous and playful. Even so, most of us have specializations and are particularly good at a few genres of text. So you should look carefully to see whether you can already find your desired text style there. Or whether you trust the person to write exactly this text.
  • External appearance: A successful collaboration also requires the right chemistry. That is why you should also check the external appearance to see whether you find the person likeable.

You can find even more tips for your search in my blog post "The search for the gold piece that is written - this is how it works."

The perfect briefing for the copywriter

You should be using a lot of brainpower here. Because a text for a website is only good if it's the briefing! That's why I wrote my own blog post on this topic: "Content, language, target groups and much more: This is how it works with the text briefing." There you will find a lot of information, suggestions and ideas. And also the points that do not belong in a briefing.

Working with creative people

We creatives are often said to be unpunctual, unreliable and somehow crazy anyway; o) I like to leave the last point as it is. Because creativity assumes that our brain functions somehow differently. And that we have mastered the right creativity techniques. Because it is not that easy to get the brilliant ideas for the website texts exactly when we need them!

But we creatives too can be reliable business partners. And of course deliver our work on time. It is best to pay attention to whether such properties are mentioned in the reference letters. Or other character traits are mentioned that are important to you in a business relationship.

Create an offer, order, complete, pay

Otherwise, the cooperation with us works the same way as with other self-employed: We write an offer, get an order, do it, get paid. It is important that the framework conditions are set as precisely as possible in the offer. This could include, for example:

  • Scope of work: What work does the order include exactly?
  • Requirements: Are there any initial ideas, possible content or even wording?
  • Feedback loops: Is at least one correction loop included in the offer?
  • Usage rights: In what form can you use the text for yourself and your company?
  • Timeframe: Is the offer stipulated by when the texts will be delivered?

Offers for texts for a website can be based on a fixed price or refer to hourly rates *. This is the case, for example, when the exact volume of the order has not yet been determined. Fixed prices are usually calculated from the hourly rate and the desired individual services. This includes, for example, the price for a single text for a website, which is then multiplied by the number of texts required.

EXTRA TIP: It's great when the price for a single website text is mentioned in the offer. Because a new text can always be added. Then you already know what you have to pay for it if you want to have more texts written for your website.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to find the person who can write the texts for your website. It is also ideal if you think about who will take on this important task at an early stage. We copywriters can also work well under time pressure. But we also prefer to work in peace and quiet. Because a good text has to mature, just like a good wine; o) So it's best to plan time for us and get us involved in the project at an early stage!

Important, important, important!

* BE CAREFUL for cheap offers in terms of website text: The Texter Association recommends an hourly rate of 90 euros net. After all, we are very well-trained, experienced experts who have mastered a special craft from the FF! In the case of extremely low hourly rates, you should therefore take a close look and ask critically how this hourly rate comes about. Please don't let yourself be blinded by stinginess, because bad texts are of absolutely no use to you or your company.

Image source: Pixabay