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Climate table Dubai

Located directly on the Persian Gulf, Dubai marks one of the seven emirates that together make up the “United Arab Emirates”. In the west, the city / emirate is best known for its immense economic boom over the past ten years. In the meantime, the city is not only bigger and livelier than the actual capital Abu Dhabi, it is also characterized by numerous modern buildings - above all the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at 828 m.

For tourists, a trip to Dubai is particularly worthwhile due to the sunshine and numerous hours of sunshine, although the temperatures in summer can rise so much that they are perceived as extremely uncomfortable for Europeans. However, if you want to enjoy the wonderful climate, the best bathing weather and only a few rainy days, a vacation in the city is the best choice. Thanks to the directly connected airport, it is also extremely easy to reach from Europe. Many hotels in the immediate vicinity of the Persian Gulf make the excursion a pure bathing experience, whereby the special glamor and luxury of the city guarantees exciting photos and memories. Thanks to its strong focus on tourism, Dubai has not necessarily adapted western values, but the city / emirate is still considered to be one of the "less tight" Arab Emirates.

Climate table Dubai

ø temperature ° CRainydaysWater temp. ° C
Max. Temperature ° C23.825.428.23337.739.740.841.438.935.530.626.2
ø temperature ° C19.220.620.623.131.333.735.53633.43025.521.5
Min. Temperature ° C14.615.717.921.224.927.630.130.627.924.420.416.7
Precipitation (mm)835140021228
Hours of sunshine (h / d)789810121210101098
Humidity (%)595651484748505253545557
Water temperature ° C21.924.225.1303131.231.231.33131.126.322

The climate in Dubai is characterized by a relatively low humidity and continuous warmth to heat, as can be seen in the climate table. The optimal travel time is between the months of March to May and October to December, as the temperatures are then still very warm, and therefore ideal for swimming, but on the other hand, at least no temperatures above 38 degrees are to be expected.

In the summer months, not only do the hours of sun rise, maximum temperatures can also climb up to 50 degrees - the climate is then considered unpleasant, the low humidity only provides a small relief. It is therefore more ideal to travel in European autumn, spring or even winter months.

Within the optimal travel time, but also outside of it, Dubai is mostly cloudless. A blue sky and very little precipitation, hardly more than 2 days in spring and autumn, is not uncommon in the desert city. The climate table provides information about when temperatures are to be expected as particularly hot, but also information about rainy days and the sunshine to be expected.

Dubai: The current water temperature is 29 ° C

The temperature is suitable for bathing

Travel Destinations & Attractions in Dubai

As a cosmopolitan city, Dubai can not only attract visitors with its hot climate and lots of sunshine. In addition to the numerous hours of sunshine, there are many attractions in the city that often set a new standard for luxury and pomp. A trip to the city's landmark, the Burj Khalifa, is highly recommended - if you have a slightly larger holiday budget, you can even consider booking yourself into the renowned Armani Hotel. With a total of 828 m, the skyscraper is currently the tallest building in the world. It took a total of 6 years for the splendid, very pointed building that towers high into the sky and makes the surrounding skyscrapers appear like small, everyday buildings. A viewing platform can be found on the 163 usable floors as well as hotel rooms, offices and luxury apartments. It is located within a newly developed center of the city and is therefore very easy to get to. During the optimal travel time, many tourists cavort here.

The “The World” archipelago in Dubai is also worth a visit. Almost on the coast, an artificial island group was created here, which was arranged in the form of a world map. The luxurious islands can only be reached by boat or helicopter and are a real eye-catcher, especially from the air. Jumeirah Beach, also a group of islands with partially adjacent hotels, is definitely worth a visit during the travel season. If you want to escape the high humidity, you can visit the interior of the Madinat Theater. This newly built theater is used as a concert hall and for performances, at the same time the theater marks the center of the international film festival in Dubai.

When the sky is cloudless and the city is marked by lots of sunshine, a visit to the spice market in the old town is recommended. Spices from all over the world are sold here, and jewelry stores on the adjacent gold market are also impressive. Together with the Dubai Mall, in which there are mainly “western” retailers, an exciting and historically inspired shopping tour through Dubai can begin. The Mall of Emirates is similar in size to the Dubai Mall and is also ideal for extensive shopping. However, tourists should keep in mind that the prices in Dubai are quite high. Fashion and co can only be bought with a corresponding budget. If you are looking for relaxation, you can treat yourself to a break from the pulsating city life and take a tour into the desert. As always, the following applies here: many hours of sunshine and high humidity can put a heavy strain on the circulation for Europeans. This tour is therefore not recommended during the summer months, but rather in autumn or winter.

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