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Development environment: NetBeans 12.0 comes with support for Java 14 functions

Apache has released another major version for NetBeans. Version 12 of the Java-based development environment brings support for the features recently introduced in Java 14.

Java 14 was released in March 2020. The Apache NetBeans update supports all functions of the latest version of the programming language. The only requirement for using the features is the Java compiler from the corresponding JDK.

NetBeans 12 supports additional features from Java 11 to 14

The new functions in Java 14 include the preview feature described in JEP 359, which ensures that the syntax with the new keyword is highlighted in color. In addition, the navigator indicates equal signs, HashCode, toString and the like. The proposal introduces formatting support for ().

Users of the Java build management tool Maven also get their money's worth. The IDE integrates a preview feature that was introduced in Java 11.1. Arguments of the Java compiler, such as are passed from Maven to the Java Editor. The update fixes a bug and makes JaCoCo Maven from Java 11.1 available to developers. In addition, NetBeans 12 brings support for Java EE specifications and servers. Gradle users should also be happy about the newly integrated support for Java EE.

PHP and other functions

Apache adds support for PHP 7.4 to the major version of the IDE. A list of all features integrated with it is available in the Apache Wiki. Support for an out-of-the-box editor for TypeScript, which was integrated in version 11.3, is also new.

In addition to the features mentioned, NetBeans brings innovations for HiDPI under Windows. Further information on the current major version can be found in the release notes.


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