What supplements cured your depression and tiredness

Depression heals without medication

Many people today still have reservations about the use of psychotropic drugs. As a result, the treatment of depression with medication is often viewed very critically - wrongly. The Depression treatment without medication therefore offers an alternative that many sufferers want. Another reason for non-drug methods to cure depression are the fewer side effects and the often longer-term successes of the treatment. Instead of well-founded, scientifically verifiable treatment alternatives, however, those affected are often offered questionable therapy offers whose effectiveness has not been proven.

Can you cure depression?

Depression can be cured. The basis for the healing success is always the psychotherapeutic treatment consisting of individual and group therapy and body and experience-oriented procedures (art and design therapy, music and drama therapy, body and movement-oriented therapy). In addition, medication can be used for depression.

Cure Depression Naturally

The BetaGenese Clinic understands that Many people want holistic and natural healing. Our range of therapies is based on the highest medical standards and exclusively on evidence-based methods. That's why we offer Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has been added to our range of therapies for a few months now. with a device from Mag and More. The rTMS is an innovative way of treating mental and neurological disorders safely and effectively. In severe depression, schizophrenia, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, in a bipolar illness, a trauma-related disorder or in addiction disorders and chronic pain syndromes, rTMS can provide very good support.

How does rTMS work?

The brain is an organ that uses complex bioelectrical and biochemical processes between cells and cell groups to produce “normal” function. An imbalance in this complex system leads to mental disorders, among other things. Scientists assume that the magnetic fields that are generated during rTMS reset, so to speak, and that these complex neurobiological circuits function normally again after the treatment.

The The main aim of the treatment is of course to improve the mood to alleviate the patient's and depression symptoms. Very often it can also lead to an improvement in sleep, appetite, energy balance and concentration.

The biggest advantage: the rTMS treatment is non-invasive and painless. During the treatment you sit on a comfortable chair for 10 minutes. The noises of the device are muffled by earplugs. The application is carried out daily over a period of four weeks and is also available for outpatients.

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