What's the best Captain America movie

Captain America 2: the best Marvel movie of all time?

Now it's getting a bit complicated: Ed Brubaker is (ha!) Responsible for the “The Winter Soldier” comic in the “Captain America” series. The American film audience will already sit up and take notice, because in the original the next film in the series is called exactly like this: "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". That sounds relatively understandable even for a German audience ... one would think.

But you did the math without the German Marvel / Disney branch! They seem to have thought of hundreds of alternatives for the German market and then deleted all that made any sense. What was left was "The Return of the First Avenger." Not "Captain America 2". Not even "Captain America". Just "The Return of the First Avenger".

But since no one will understand what kind of film I'm actually talking about when I use this title, I'll stick with "Captain America 2" instead. Fight she system!

Now to the point: Ed Brubaker once created a very successful comic book series with "The Winter Soldier". He already got the opportunity to see part of "Captain America 2" - and is absolutely thrilled. He was full of praise to IGN:

“This is the best movie Marvel has ever made. The flick also has two of the best fight scenes I've ever seen. Honestly, this is going to be great. It will make a billion dollars. I got to go to the set, watch the movie, and so on. It was just great. I couldn't be happier about it. "

Now it remains to be seen whether Brubaker is just happy that his material has been filmed, or whether the strip will actually be that good. We'll see it soon: On March 27, 2014, “Captain America 2” or “The Winter Soldier” or “The Return of the First Avenger” or “That one Marvel film with the strange name” will be in the German cinemas are coming.