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our mission

Parenting is one of the greatest joys in a person's life. Love for our children is something very natural, something intuitive. However, good parenting is a skill that can be learned and practiced. Today, not many parents have childcare experience or have practical support from friends and family. The resulting exhaustion and stress can lead to a number of serious problems, including marital problems, breastfeeding difficulties, accidents, obesity, postpartum depression, anxiety, and thousands of sudden infant deaths ... every year.

Happiest Baby wants to change that! We develop science-based products, content and services to improve the health and well-being of your child and to help parents cope with everyday problems with their children.

Happiest Baby, Inc. is based in Los Angeles, where pediatrician and child development expert Dr. Harvey Karp and his wife and business partner Nina Montée-Karp was founded in 2001.

The acclaimed publications by Dr. Carp"The happiest baby in the world" and"The happiest toddler in the world", published in over 20 languages ​​as a book, DVD and video stream, has helped millions of parents around the world.

With his trend-setting theories, Dr. Karp parents how to understand and support their babies and toddlers in the best possible way in order to eliminate common stress factors such as exhaustion of the parents, constant crying of babies and tantrums in toddlers. His 5 p (protective wrapping, gentle tones, rocking, sucking and lying on your side) are now standard methods of calming babies. Thousands of certified "Happiest Baby"-Trainers in over 20 countries worldwide teach the method of Dr. Karp continues in hospitals and clinics. And its innovative techniques "The happiest toddler in the world" how Toddler-ese and Feeding the Meter quickly and easily improve the self-confidence and emotional strength of children between 8 months and 5 years.

With his recommendations, Dr. Karp has been parents from all over the world for almost 20 years. In his work, he found that the need for support with the everyday challenges modern parents face continued to grow and decided to develop smart solutions based on scientific knowledge, ancient knowledge and common sense. The first serious problem he declared war on was the exhaustion of new parents.

SNOO Smart Sleeper is the most prominent product from Happiest Baby. Dr. Karp developed it in collaboration with the recognized Swiss industrial designer Yves Béhar from Fuseproject and Dr. Deb Roy, director of the Laboratory for Social Machines at the MIT Media Lab. After five years of development and testing with hundreds of babies, SNOO, the safest and smartest baby bed in the world, was born.

SNOO maximizes the effect of the5 p. The result is less crying, better sleep, completely natural sleep training and more safety, as SNOO is the world's first baby bed to ensure that babies sleep safely on their backs. This makes SNOO the perfect companion for the first six months of life.

We are proud of such wonderful partners as Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana, who joined us to jointly achieve our goal of helping families worldwide.