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When preheating, you often lack the necessary utensils to play drinking games like rage cage or beer pong, but there are playing cards at almost every party. If not, you can get waterproof cards here at Amazon.

Card drinking games overview

We have put together some drinking games with cards for you that have often led to crashes. You just have to click on the name of the game and you will be automatically redirected to the respective drinking game.

We love to play these card drinking games the most

πŸ‘‰ We have sorted the list by popularity.

Kings Cup

Kings Cup is the classic among the drinking games with cards and makes every party a blast.

Danger: Kings Cup has the potential to escalate

You need at least four players for Kings Cup. The cards are dealt face down on the table and a large vessel is placed in the center of the table.

Each player turns over one card in a clockwise direction.

Significance of the cards at Kings Cup:

Ass - waterfall
All players start drinking together and are only allowed to stop when the player on their right stops drinking.

Two - Forgive 2
The player distributes two sips to another player or chooses two people who must each drink a sip.

Three - take 1
The player takes a sip.

Four - forgive 2, take 2
The player chooses a person who drinks two sips with him at a time.

Five - men drink
All men drink.

Six - women drink
All the girls drink.

Seven - the king of the thumb
The player chooses a place where he puts his thumb. Whenever he puts his thumb on this spot, the others have to do the same. The last person to put their thumb on the spot has to drink. The thumb king can do this as often as he likes.

Eight - drinking partner
The player can designate a teammate who always has to drink when he drinks himself.

Nine - rhyme
The player chooses a word. Clockwise the other players have to figure it out. The player who can't find a rhyme has to drink.

Ten - everyone drinks
Everyone has to drink.

Jack rule
The player can create a rule or cancel a rule, e.g. every player is no longer allowed to use swear words. If someone swears, the person has to drink.

Lady - category
The player empties his drink into the container in the middle. The fourth player to draw this card must completely drink the King’s Cup.

King - King’s Cup
The king is allowed to make a rule that all players must adhere to. For example, each player has to remove a small invisible gnome from his glass before he drinks and put him back on the glass after drinking. If a player breaks a rule, he has to drink.

More ideas for new Kings Cup rules

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Kings Cup - App

You don't feel like playing cards right now, but still want to play Kings Cup? We have an app for you.


Bus travel

Bus driving is a great drinking game, but it can make you desperate. Even the most drinking festivals failed because of the bus trips.

Bus travel is in five rounds played. You drink more from round to round, the bus driver is determined in the fifth round. Each player receives four cards face down.

1st lap when driving the bus: black or red

The person whose turn it is must guess whether the card is on top of the 4 cards black or red is. If the player guesses wrong, he has to drink.

answer = β€œBlack” πŸ‘‰ Card = β€œJack of Hearts” πŸ‘‰ Drink! 🍺
answer = "Red" πŸ‘‰ Card = "4 of diamonds" πŸ‘‰ Don't drink!

2nd lap when driving the bus: higher or lower

The second round is about guessing whether the next card is face down higher or lower than the card turned over in the previous round.

Example: (Last placed 8 diamonds)
answer = "Higher" πŸ‘‰ card = "5 of spades" πŸ‘‰ drink! 🍺
answer = "Deeper" πŸ‘‰ Card = "Heart 6" πŸ‘‰ Don't drink!

3rd lap when driving the bus: inside or outside

The third round is about whether the next card inside or outside the last two cards revealed.

Example: (There are 8 of spades + 5 of clubs)
answer = "Inside" πŸ‘‰ Card = Ace of Hearts "πŸ‘‰ Drink! 🍺
answer = "Outside" πŸ‘‰ Card = "King of Diamonds" πŸ‘‰ Don't drink!

4th round when driving the bus: pyramid round

In the pyramid round it is decided who has to drive the bus at the end of the game. First 10 cards are placed face down on the table in the form of a pyramid. 4 cards as a base, then 3 cards, 2 cards and 1 card. The cards are revealed from bottom to top. Each player reveals one card. If the face up card has the same value as one of your cards in hand, you can discard it and distribute swallows to the other players. The goal is to discard every card in your hand.

The person with the most cards becomes the bus driver.

7 of diamonds is the first card revealed. All players with a 7 in their hand can discard it and distribute a drink to each player. After all four cards of the base have been revealed, Queen of Spades is revealed on the second level. All players can now take off their queens and distribute two sips to other players. After the first four cards have been revealed, the king of diamonds is turned over on the second level. Everyone can now put down their kings and distribute two sips.

This is repeated until all the cards in the pyramid have been turned over.

Bus driver becomes who:

  • Holds the most cards in hand.
  • If several players have the same number of cards in hand, the player with the lowest card becomes the bus driver.
  • If there is another tie, cards are drawn and the player with the lowest card becomes the bus driver.

5th lap when driving the bus: Driving the bus

Congratulations to the bus driver! You pulled the ass card.

16 cards are placed face down in the shape of a diamond.

1 card πŸ‘‰ 2 cards πŸ‘‰ 3 cards πŸ‘‰ 4 cards πŸ‘‰ 3 cards πŸ‘‰ 2 cards πŸ‘‰ 1 card

The bus driver's job is to reveal a card that is not a face card on each step of the diamond.

If the bus driver reveals a face card (ace, king, queen, jack), he must take a sip for each card that has already been turned over. Then a new diamond is put on and the bus starts all over again.

The game ends as soon as the bus driver reveals seven cards in a row without a face card or when the bus driver falls over.

UN as a drinking game

If you only have UNO cards instead of playing cards, then the drinking game variant from UNO is perfect for you! If you don't have a UNO card, you can buy it here at Amazon for € 9.99.

So UNO is played as a drinking game

The UNO cards are placed face down on the table. One card is drawn alternately in a clockwise direction.

You need to drink in the following cases:

  • When your drawn card is the same color as that of the player in front of you.
  • When your drawn card has the same number as the player in front of you.
  • If you draw a suspension card, you may distribute a sip.
  • If you pull a return card, the direction will be changed.
  • When you draw a draw two card, the player drinks you. The color rule also applies to the two draw cards
  • If you draw a plus-four card, everyone has to drink.

Not enough? You can find more UN drinking game rules here: Additional rules for UN

Fuck the dealer

Fuck the Dealer is a simple drinking game with crash potential.

This is how Fuck the Dealer is played

All players get a card and the player with the lowest card starts as the dealer. An ace is the highest card and a two is the lowest.

The dealer selects a player and asks him a question.

If the player guesses correctly, the dealer has to drink and the player takes on the role of dealer. If the player guesses wrong, he has to drink himself.

The dealer asks the following questions

  • What is the value of the next card in the deck? (Ace to 2)
  • What color is the next card in the deck? (Hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs)
  • Does the next card in the deck have a higher or lower value than the last card drawn?

After three incorrectly answered questions the dealer will automatically turn clockwise.

πŸ‘‰ Here you can find more rules about Fuck the Dealer.

Blow cards πŸ’¨

In this game, clumsy blowing quickly leads to ruin. Card bubbles is a drinking game that does not matter which cards are played with.

Water-repellent cards are beneficial when blowing cards.

Here you can find water-repellent cards on Amazon.

This is how card bubbles are played

A glass full of alcohol is placed in the center of the table and the playing cards are stacked on top of the glass.

The youngest player starts. The goal is to blow all cards from the deck except for one card.

In a clockwise direction, the players try to blow all but one card from the stack with bubbles.

If a player blows all cards from the stack, he has to drink the glass in the middle.

If a player succeeds in blowing all cards from the stack except for the last one, he may choose a player who has to drink the glass.

The loser can fill the glass in the middle of the table as he likes in the next round.

More card bubble drinking game rules can be found ud here πŸ‘‰ Card bubble additional rules

Fuck you pyramid

Fuck you Pyramid is the perfect change from Kings Cup and bus travel. You only need playing cards and at least three players and you can play the drinking game of the ancient Egyptians.

This is how Fuck you Pyramid is played

The cards are placed face down on the table in a pyramid shape 4 - 3 - 2 - 1. The dealer deals the remaining cards to the players. Each player receives the same number of cards in hand.

The aim of the game is to discard the cards in hand and to choose a player who has to drink.

The dealer starts the row with four cards, reveals the first card and counts down from five to zero.

While the deal is counting, anyone can put a card of the same suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) or the same value (ace, king, queen, ... etc.) from their hand and Fuck you player X call.

When player X is called, he must do the following:

  • He has to drink once in the bottom row.
  • In the penultimate row he has to drink twice.
  • In the second highest row he has to drink three times.
  • In the top row he has to drink four times.

Each player can keep his hand cards as long as he wants. There is no pressure to act.

You can find detailed rules for Fuck you Pyramid here πŸ‘‰ Fuck you Pyramid Rules

More drinking games with cards

Of course there are many other drinking games that are played with cards. Take a look at our drinking game list and be inspired for your next party. Happy Celebration! πŸŽ‰

πŸ‘‰ All drinking games

And do not forget: Be careful when drinking and don't overdo it!

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