Why should musicians have their own website?

10 reasons why your band needs their own website

The web has significantly changed our communication through its social media channels. Artists are in direct contact with their fans, making contacts has never been easier than it is today. In this article we explain why you shouldn't do without your own website.

Social media above all else: in the age of Facebook and Co., musicians and bands keep coming up with the question of the usefulness of their own website. Is it still worth investing time and possibly money into building and maintaining a website? After all, there is apparently the right channel for every type of content - be it images, music, videos or text messages.

In addition: doesn't virtual life only take place in social networks anyway? Why search the wide web for information, contacts or pure entertainment when I can find everything bundled on a single platform? A not entirely unjustified question that explains the uncertainty in the music scene.

Your virtual business card

The feedback from Backstage PRO users on the newsfeed post "How important is your own website?" Shows that the importance of your own website is still high. by Community Manager Regina.

  • "A website [...] is the artist's calling card," as singer Peter Reimer sums it up. Much more, it is "to be equated with a curriculum vitae", says drummer Paul K√ľnstler.

There are at least the following nine other reasons that speak for your own homepage ...

Collection point, identity provider and a permanent home

  • All channels, of any form and any content, converge here. This gives visitors an organized overview of the platforms on which you are represented.
  • You alone determine the design, the components and the entire structure of the page. There are no limits to your creativity - in contrast to social media. Especially with a view to being independent identity and thus your image scores with your own homepage.
  • Separates the wheat from the chaff: pretty much everyone has a Facebook page, no matter whether they are beginners, advanced or professionals. With a homepage you stand out from the crowd and have a clear effect on organizers and agencies more professional.

  • You can separate content for different target groups. What do press people need in particular that others are less interested in? What is enough for an organizer? Are there "premium fans" who more exclusive content should receive?

  • You can provide areas for advertisers. In what form can be advertised is determined just you.

  • You can integrate your online shop without applications from other portals. Also the Merch it only runs through you and not through any third party.

  • The website is the first point of contact for those within the industry contacts.
  • No matter what happens to other portals: your website still exists. It is relatively unlikely that Facebook will shut down in the near future, but if that should happen, your contacts will be gone in one fell swoop! - and also the hard-won "likes". That goes for every social network. Think about what happened to myspace!

  • You reach everyone!Since Facebook massively restricted the reach of unpaid posts, the platform has lost its attractiveness (here are some tips on the hurdles of Facebook marketing). What is behind this is shown by an example from the group The Gothard Sisters. And who says that there could be no further restrictions of a monetary nature? Facebook does not belong to the users.

You see: there is a lot going for a website and that would also answer the initial question:

Yes, you definitely need it!

But don't forget your social media profiles. Because in the field of virtual self-marketing there is "no" either - or ", but rather" both - and ". A basic rule could be: social media for fan contacts, the homepage for business." What is important is the link and Networking the various channels "- Sven Scholz is absolutely right with his answer to Regina.

What does it have to put on the website?

We will deal with the most important components of our own website in a follow-up article. Stay tuned!


As always, we look forward to your comments here in the comments!

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