Can heroin cause anxiety

Risks and Consequences of Opioid Use

    Heroin and Pregnancy

    Heroin device across the placenta into the bloodstream of the unborn child and also develops its effects there. With abrupt withdrawal there is a high risk of premature birth or miscarriage. Women who use heroin often recognize the signs of pregnancy very late, as they consider nausea and vomiting to be withdrawal symptoms and they often do not menstruate even without pregnancy.

  • Risks for Pregnant women
    • premature labor
    • premature detachment of the placenta
    • Miscarriage
    • Premature birth
  • Risks to the fetus
    • Growth retardation
    • Disruption of oxygen supply
  • Risks to that Newborn
    • Premature birth (brain damage, breathing problems)
    • low birth weight and head circumference
    • Withdrawal symptoms (excessive sucking, muscle spasms, fever, trouble sleeping and eating)
    • HIV and hepatitis risk in infected mother
  • A Substitution treatment (e.g. with methadone) as early as possible in pregnancy, combined with psychosocial care, is the recommended treatment for opioid-dependent pregnant women. Abrupt withdrawal increases the risk of stillbirth and should be avoided.

    The Breast milk contains proportions of the drug in women who use heroin.

    Opioids in road traffic

    With the use of opioids, attention and perception decrease, movements become slower, reaction times lengthen, drowsiness and apathy occur, night vision deteriorates (pupil constriction). That's why it's of it discourage driving after using opioids. If several substances are taken, the risk potential increases and the effect is unpredictable.