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Exclusively developed by Wiener Wasser: The spray mist shower on hydrants to cool off on hot days

Name search for the new cool cooling measure

Vienna (OTS) - The resourceful experts from Wiener Wasser (MA 31) have developed a real innovation for cooling down on hot days: a spray shower that can be mounted on the city's hydrants. The prototype is made of stainless steel, three meters high and is currently being tested. 34 fine water nozzles ensure pleasant cooling. The prototype should be fully tested from August and then placed on numerous hydrants this summer. In addition to cooling heated spaces, the new module can also cool from the inside: Each of the new modules is also provided with a drinking tap. "There is no such thing off the shelf - I would like to thank the committed colleagues at MA 31 for their innovation, which fits perfectly with our numerous cooling measures," says Environment City Councilor Ulli Sima, who has already tried out the prototype. All Viennese are invited to help find a name.

The following suggestions are available:

  • Wienchill
  • Vienna breeze
  • Summer splash
  • Rainbow machine

Vienna's opinion is in demand. From now until Tuesday you can choose your favorite at Anyone who wants to get their own picture of the prototype can now examine it at the Praterstern. From Saturday, two more will be installed at “CopaBeach” and on Kärntner Straße.

Fog showers, spray hoses - other cool immediate measures

In addition to the mist showers on hydrants, the city gardeners also offer a large number of cooling measures throughout Vienna. Fog showers were set up in 50 places. In the Resselpark in front of the Karlskirche, the Viennese city gardeners laid 100 running meters of spray hose at four locations, which provide for cooling in intermittent operation. The prototype, the “cool meter”, was tested at Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz, and another 600 “cool meters” for Vienna are being created.

Wiener Wasser has already laid around 80 m of spray hoses with around 80 nozzles each in a number of hot places such as Praterstern, Schwarzenbergplatz and Karlsplatz. Like the mist showers in the city gardens, they are equipped with a timer and cool on days with a maximum daily temperature of over 30 ° C.

Water fountains in many parks

In many of the city's parks there are already floor fountains and water features that provide permanent cooling:

  • Yella Hertzka Park (Seestadt)
  • Max Winter Park
  • Theodor-Körner-Park * Neugebuilding Castle - Lower Garden
  • Yppenplatz park
  • Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz park
  • Meißnergasse park
  • Park Ceija Stojka Square
  • Wallensteinplatz
  • Park Am Leberberg

Water playgrounds: cooling off for young and old

Not only the 60 km of free beach access provide wonderful refreshment and a lot of fun in Vienna. The nine water playgrounds in the city of Vienna also offer cooling off on hot summer days. The top visitor magnets include the 15,000 m² water playground at the water tower in Favoriten and the 5,000 m² water playground on the Danube Island, which Vienna's children's friends support every day with games and creative offers for kids - and all of this is available in the city's water playgrounds Vienna with free admission! You can see where they are at

1,000 drinking fountains for inner cooling

The spray showers of a total of 25 mobile, 3 m high fountains from Wiener Wasser were set to continuous operation and thus cool permanently. The 1,000 drinking fountains in the city provide people with free water and can be easily accessed on the online city map of Vienna ( A drinking fountain is available throughout the city within a radius of 500 m.

"Cool Vienna" package of measures: Fighting urban heat islands

The city of Vienna has been fighting against climate change for years. In addition to the many active climate protection measures, measures must also be taken to counteract the already noticeable effects. With the intensive package of measures “Cool Vienna”, supported by a special funding pot of € 2.3 million, the City of Vienna, together with the districts, is taking practical and effective measures in the fight against urban heat islands. The package includes numerous measures from which the districts can freely choose: Street-side facade greening, construction of water features, mist showers and water fountains, planting of larger city trees and herbaceous beds, measures for water storage under trees as part of the so-called "Sponge City Project", unsealing of paved areas in favor of Pergolas with greenery that provide shade and evaporation cooling. All measures against climate change, cooling measures, drinking fountains and the cool squares of the city can be found at

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